Jessica Simpson Is Still Pregnant

Jessica Simpson, the 31-year-old singer turned mother-to-be, is still expecting and she wanted to set the record straight regarding the arrival of her first child as she Tweeted Saturday:

“To everyone who keeps congratulating me on the birth of my baby girl, I’m still pregnant!! Don’t believe what you read ladies and gents.”

Simpson and her fiance Eric Johnson recently attended a friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid. A source was quoted by PEOPLE having told the magazine:

“Jessica looked stunning. She was moving very slowly and Eric held on to her tightly so she wouldn’t trip in her shoes [like Kourtney Kardashian].”

She might be “waddling” as she says, but she’s still wearing high heels. An eyewitness at the wedding was quoted having said:

“It was difficult for her to get around, but she was a great sport and kept smiling.”

Jessica shared her baby shower with Jessica Alba and sister Ashlee Simpson and later Tweeted “Thank you @MindyWeiss for the best baby shower any mommy could ever want! Love u!” Some of the future mother’s outrageous commentary on her pregnancy was picked up by PEOPLE and here’s a few for entertainment purposes:

“It’s so much baby and so much amniotic fluid, it’s crazy. If we have a 10 pounder, pray for me!”

“I am definitely feeling ‘intimate.’ I’m kind of unstoppable at the moment! Like the big ‘O’ is like the biggest ‘O’ ever.”

“I feel like I have a bowling ball sitting in my hoo-ha.”

“I’m a free-spirited girl, but giving up my scotch? My Macallan 18? That was hard for me!”

What are your thoughts on Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy?