Miss Universe Won’t Give Up Crown Despite Trump’s Racist Comments [Video]

Paulina Vega, the reigning Miss Universe, has said she won’t give up her crown – despite Donald Trump’s racist comments about Mexican immigrants.

Miss Universe has been under increasing pressure from the Latino community to dump her title since the Miss Universe pageant is organized by one of Donald Trumps many corporations.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Donald called the current Miss Universe a hyprocrite for publicly speaking out against his remarks but still wearing the crown, which she won in January 2014. Vega, who is 22-years old, confirmed on Monday that she will continue to act as Miss Universe, and dismissed his claims that she is a hypocrite.

“The fact that I am not giving up my crown doesn’t mean that I am changing my stance about everything I said,” Miss Universe said in Columbia, her native country, during an interview with local radio station La W, reports Fox News. “It doesn’t make any sense that Donald Trump calls me a hypocrite because I’m not giving up my crown.”


Vega confirmed her decision to keep her crown on her Instagram account, posting “As a Colombian and as Miss Universe, I want to show my support and validate the sentiments of the Latin community.”

Miss Universe justified her decision to keep her crown by telling the radio station that the pageant existed long before Donald acquired it, and “it will continue to exist if he stops being its owner someday,” reports Fox News.

“I have kept doing my job as Miss Universe all these days. The work continues as always despite all this craziness going on,” Miss Universe told her fans.

Vega is under increasing pressure to dump her crown as the major network Univision, which was to air the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, cut ties with Donald – and other networks are starting to do the same. Trump has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the network for $500 million.

Trump shot back at the current Miss Universe, who called his view of Mexican immigrants, “unjust and hurtful.” Donald tweeted, “Miss Universe, Paulina Vega, criticized me for telling the truth about illegal immigration, but then said she would keep the crown — Hypocrite,” according to Fox News.

USA Today reports that Vega added on her Instagram account about keeping her crown: “The Miss Universe Organization works independently from its owners. If the Miss Universe Organization shared any anti-Latin sentiments or any type of racial biases, I wouldn’t be in this position today. I strongly believe that dividing and categorizing humankind only holds it back.”

[Image credit: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images]