Ariana Grande Kisses New Boyfriend As Possible Nick Jonas Collaboration Is Confirmed

Ariana Grande ponytail

Ariana Grande seems to be enjoying life as much as anybody could. Gossip Cop reports on Ms. Grande’s donut shop adventure.

“Ariana Grande was spotted kissing her apparent new boyfriend, Ricky Alvarez, at Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California on Saturday. The pop star, who recently split from rapper Big Sean, was caught on surveillance camera as she and three others waited by a front counter to get a few treats.”

At one point, Grande is seen kissing her new man and leaning on his arm. Alvarez is reportedly one of Grande’s backup dancers from her Honeymoon Tour. According to TMZ, Grande angered employees at Wolfee Donuts because she and Alvarez were allegedly getting each other to put their tongues on the powdered jelly donuts.

Besides playing donut games with her new boyfriend, Ariana Grande is also working with Nick Jonas. ET quoted Jonas in talking about working with his friend.

“We wrote a bunch of songs a couple years ago when she first started making her record. We wrote together then and had a great time writing. Maybe there’s a collaboration somewhere down the road.”

According to ET, Nick Jonas will be appearing with Ariana Grande in the Ryan Murphy-created show, Scream Queens. There were rumors that Grande and Jonas were collaborating together for music on the show. However, Jonas told ET that the project is solely acting.

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande’s fans are defending the singer after she has been accused, by some, of exploiting the gay community. Grande called out the four Supreme Court justices who voted against gay marriage while performing at a gay pride event. Just Jared quoted Grande speaking her mind during a performance.

“Make some noise if you think the Supreme Court justices who voted against gay marriage should get their heads out of their f**king a**es and join the g*****n celebration. Make some noise if you’ve got one less problem without them motherf**kers.”

While Grande earned mostly praise by those in the community, there were some gay men who took to message boards to tell Grande she only cared about the cause of gay rights because she wants to sell more records. However, Grande’s fans came to her defense and said that gay rights is a huge issue to the singer, especially since she has a gay brother.

Meanwhile, Popcrush reports that Ariana Grande’s new album will be called Moonlight. 2015 is definitely the year where Ariana Grande graduated from just being a superstar into becoming a full-fledged pop icon.

[Photo by Brad Barket / Getty Images]