New ‘Crimson Peak’ Posters Show ‘Sons Of Anarchy’s’ Charlie Hunnam And ‘Avengers’ Star Tom Hiddleston As Angels and Demons

Fans will be excited to learn that several new posters featuring Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming gothic horror film, Crimson Peak, have been officially released. The posters include shots of several characters in the movie, including one of Charlie Hunnam as Dr. Alan McMichael and another of Tom Hiddleston as the mysterious Thomas Sharpe.

The poster of Hiddleston, which was released by Collider, shows a side view of his character looking mysteriously in the distance while a red skull floats in the foreground. The poster seems to indicate that the Avenger’s star has a fairly dark past in the horror film.

Tom Hiddleston in 'Crimson Peak' [Image Courtesy: Universal Pictures]

Meanwhile, the poster of Hunnam features his character with his fist in his palm and a set of red angel wings in the background. Although the Son’s of Anarchy alum will have a minor role in the film, the poster is clearly setting him up as the innocent good guy in the movie.

Crimson Peak centers on the story of Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska). Edith is a young author who marries Sharpe and moves in with him and his sister(Jessica Chastain) in the family’s large country estate. However, things don’t turn out so well for Edith as she uncovers a dark secret and a house that seems very much alive.

Although the setting of the movie – a crumbling and creepy looking English mansion – plays a primary role in the horror film, del Toro recently stated that the movie is not the average haunted house flick.

“It’s not that at all,” he explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “The house is a rotting representation of the family that has inhabited it – it’s like a cage, a killing jar that you use to kill butterflies. The house basically is a sinister, sinister trap.”

Del Toro went on to add that he intended for the story to focus on life after marriage, even though most films have the wedding as the climax of the story.

“I tried on Crimson to say that the horror starts after the marriage,” he stated.”This girl wakes up in a strange place, not her own home, not her own bed, and she little by little realizes that she knows less about the man she married than one would expect. The curious thing is the love story really starts when they acknowledge that darkness.”

Crimson Peak is set to hit theaters on October 16.

[Image Courtesy: Universal Pictures]