New ‘Playstation 4’ Bundle With ‘Destiny: The Taken King’ Shown, But That Controller?

A new Playstation 4 bundle with the latest expansion of Destiny: The Taken King has surfaced, and while everyone expected this, what’s unexpected is the controller on the promotional image.

The new The Taken King bundle will launch with the game this fall and feature a special edition console, a controller and obviously Destiny: The Taken King. The version of the Destiny expansion will be a physical copy of the Legendary Edition of The Taken King, so it will include both the base version of the game and all of the expansions up to this point. The console, however, seems to be the original version of the console, sporting only a 500GB hard drive as opposed to the newly announced PS4 with a 1TB hard drive, as reported by the Inquisitr earlier. The console will however sport a limited edition decal showcasing the map of the cosmos with the Guardian crest, as seen in Destiny.

Playstation 4 Destiny Bundle
So…that controller though.

However, most of the talk on the internet today has to do with the mirrored controller in the promotional image. The image, as seen above, an official image from Sony, shows a controller that is clearly reversed from its normal orientation, with the face buttons on the left and the D-pad on the right. However, this looks to be just a mirrored image of the controller, as the Playstation home button in the middle also seems to be backwards.

However, this has led some to speculate if this is a special “southpaw” version of the PS4 controller, and whether this will be available to the public with the Destiny: The Taken King expansion. However, Sony has yet to comment on the image. Chances are very likely this is just a simple PR mix-up with the image. Though the prospect of left-handed players finally getting a controller set up to their liking is an interesting prospect and something that could be considered, and probably should be.

Whether the “southpaw” controller pictured in the Taken King promotional material is true or not, the PS4 bundle is clearly beautiful. It’s also clear that Microsoft won’t be getting a bundle, as Sony seems to have locked up every ounce of exclusivity it can with the former Microsoft studio. The E3 press conference hit that home once again with Bungie announcing plenty of time exlcusives for Playstation with the arrival of Destiny: The Taken King.

The new Destiny: The Taken King Playstation 4 bundle hits store shelves September 15. What do you think of the controller pictured? Are you grabbing the Taken King PS4 bundle? Sound off below.

[Images via Sony]