Amber Marchese Is Halfway Through Radiation: Feeling ‘Really Good’

Amber Marchese has been keeping a low profile for the past couple of weeks, as she has been going to treatment and focusing on her family. A few months ago, she was diagnosed with cancer, and Amber was shocked. After dealing with the news on a personal level, she decided to share her journey with the world — and Marchese has been getting plenty of support.

Amber hasn’t shared too many details about her current treatment plan. One can imagine that this is tough news for the family, so maybe she wants to make sure that she and her husband are doing well before speaking to the press about her health. But her husband, Jim Marchese, appears to be very proud of her progress.

According to a new tweet, Amber Marchese is now revealing that she is doing well as she continues to battle cancer. And her husband is proudly sharing updates about her journey, saying that she has reached the halfway point of her radiation treatment.

“#Tuesday #RHONJ super late today. Everything that could go wrong has but with Amber Marchese at #gym half way done with #radiation,” Jim Marchese revealed this morning on Twitter, hinting that his wife is doing great in terms of moving along with her treatment.

Amber announced that her cancer had returned back in the spring. She had found a lump while watching a movie with her husband, and she quickly decided to have it checked out. Since Marchese has already battled cancer once before, she wanted to stay on top of this and went to the doctor immediately.

“Really good. Pushing through. Xoxo,” Amber Marchese replied after one fan asked her how she was doing with the cancer treatment.

According to the Inquisitr, it sounds like Marchese is determined to return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, as this would be a great platform for her to share her cancer journey. One can imagine she would return if Bravo came with an offer.

“The news of my recurrence went public and people’s prayers started pouring in. I felt so blessed beyond words that total strangers that simply know me from the Real Housewives of New Jersey care enough about me to reach out and offer prayers and blessings. I received flowers, get well cards, prayer cards, emails, DMs, you name it. I am so grateful for all of them and each one of their messages built another stone of strength around me. I realized how much love and faith truly exist in this world,” Amber Marchese reveals about going public with the news.

What do you think of Amber Marchese being halfway through her radiation?

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