This Social Experiment Will Terrify Parents, Would You Help A Lost Child Before This Guy? [Video]

Dawn Papple - Author

Sep. 29 2017, Updated 4:21 a.m. ET

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A young actress named Talie, joined DennisCeeTV for a social experiment where Talie acted as though she was a child lost in the city, looking for her mother. Talie approached strangers telling them that she needed help finding her mother. The social experiment was in association with Damn! and Pranksters, and the terrifying result of the social experiment was posted to YouTube. The video “Would You Help A Lost Child?” has gone viral, exceeding eight million views for good reason.

As sad as it is to watch how many people would ignore or neglect a child lost on the streets of a busy city, even as she pleads for help finding her mother, there are even worse possibilities than being ignored and shoved out of the way. (Yes, one awfully grumpy grown man even shoved the little girl when she asked for help finding her mother.)

“You know that one husky guy with the head phones on really got under my skin what a jerk,” Sam Fitt wrote of the pedestrian way to busy to even treat the girl like a human being. “What kind of guy would treat a little lost girl like that. ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND.”

He wasn’t the terrifying one though.

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The pedestrian with the most bone chilling reaction to the lost child’s pleas was the man who immediately and aggressively came to the girl’s “rescue.” Quickly, he tells the young lady that he did just see her mother. Obviously, he was lying, because the young actress was not actually lost and separated from her mother. Adamantly, he grabs the little girl and tries to take her “to go get” her mom. Remarkably, one of the unknown test subjects in the social experiment went with his gut and protested the peculiar behavior. The man who wanted to run with the child was so adamant and so creepy, that, according to the video’s producers, the cops were called. The video claims that when the cops arrived, it turned out that the man actually was a sex offender.

Of course, some viewers think that the pedophile wasn’t really a pedophile and was just another actor. The Prankster Review claims that DennisCeeTV has faked videos before, so it’s plausible. Whether he was real like the video producers claim or just another actor, the point remains that it could happen. Parents, do your children know how to find safe help or how to be safely reunited if separated from you in public?

The Inquisitr wants your feedback. If you are a parent, have to ever explained to your child that if they were lost on the street, there is always a chance that someone terrifying might pretend to be a helping hand like in this social experiment?


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