Deborra-Lee Furness: Hugh Jackman’s Wife Revealed Some Rules The Celebrity Couple Follows For A Lasting Marriage

Though Hugh Jackman’s wife Deborra-Lee Furness may have jokingly said the key to a lasting relationship is not letting Hugh work with Angelina Jolie, she did add some interesting rules that any celebrity couple could follow.

When the duo sat down for a tête-à-tête on Australia’s Today show, the otherwise-reserved Deborra-Lee Furness became quite vocal and got candid, revealing some interesting secrets that have helped the couple sail through the 19 years of their marriage. At the onset, Deborra-Lee shared that Hugh wasn’t allowed to work with Angelina. Referring to the history of how the celebrity couple met on the sets of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Deborra-Lee Furness said as follows.

“I’ve told his agent he’s not allowed to work with Angelina. I’m sure she’s very nice and I love what she’s doing — shining a light on awareness for adoption.”

Though she categorically mentioned it was a joke, the celebrity couple does have some interesting rules they strictly follow in order to keep the flame eternally burning. Jackman, 46, and Furness, 59, explained how they have managed to make their union last despite their busy careers,

“Deborra had a rule — never apart for more than two weeks. Deb had been on enough sets to see the pitfalls… it was my first job when we met, I didn’t know anything else but we’ve never been apart for more than two weeks. We’ve managed to keep that.”

Deborra concurred with The Wolverine actor, saying as follows.

“And we don’t wanna be (apart). He tells really good jokes and I miss him.”

She added that it was the couple’s decision to adopt a kid and have one of their own. She even shared the couple’s struggles with adoption, as well as fertility. Deborra and Hugh have two adopted children. Their two attempts at having children ended in miscarriages, taking a toll on Deborra-Lee. However, the couple’s struggle to raise children didn’t end there.

Deborra and Hugh had to move mountains going through the complicated and convoluted adoption process in Australia, following which, Deborra-Lee felt the need to create the organization “Adopt Change.” The organization aims to bring awareness and offer assistance to couples who seek to adopt, but find the process quite intimidating. The platform, spearheaded by Deborra-Lee, collects success stories that offer inspiration to those who are struggling to bring home an orphan. Despite the hurdles, adoption is the need of the hour, she said.

“The numbers are significant, the amount of kids in the world that need a perfect, loving family.”

[Image Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images]