Lana Del Rey’s Comeback: Tour Reviews Note Change Of Heart

Lana Del Rey fans have had a hard time sticking up for their favorite star over the past year after multiple cut-downs from musicians like Kim Gordon — but it appears the tides are turning.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lana Del Rey also had a lot of hard luck from critics regarding her Ultraviolence album.

However, in addition to recently being voted by Billboard Magazine‘s readers as having one of the top three “most anticipated albums” of 2015, Lana Del Rey is getting great reviews from her Endless Summer tour.

Lana Del Rey fans may remember that, when she was about to start her Endless Summer tour in The Woodlands near Houston, Texas, on May 7 — the media gave her concert a bumpy preview.

On May 7, Houston Press stated the following about Lana Del Rey’s first concert.

“This is already one of the most talked-about concerts of 2015, for all the wrong reasons. Two of the most controversial pop singers of the past 20 years, both Lana Del Rey and Courtney Love have more than their fair share of haters, as well as a special talent for p****** those haters off (especially those who work in the media).”

Thankfully, after her immediate upset by having to cancel her Dallas show on May 9, Lana Del Rey’s concert reviews began to soar. Interestingly, as time went on, Lana Del Rey’s reviewers did more gushing about how great her concerts were — even when they were a disaster.

A good example of a concert that went wrong (but somehow Lana Del Rey made it right) was her New York City show. Reviewers that attended Lana Del Rey’s concert in New York City claimed that she made it work — despite the technical difficulties with sound equipment.

Vice wrote the following on June 8 about Lana Del Rey’s performance at the Governor’s Ball.

“She was eternal, pulled straight from the collective memory of New York, and the way the music came across as a barely audible drift, without much discernible melody, almost added to its nostalgic spell.”

Another positive review, about her performance near Boston, the Boston Herald wrote the following on June 10.

“But here is where Lana Del Rey reshapes the femme fatale with a modern perspective. As expert as she is at training eyes on her, her music seeks less to seduce the listener than to champion the strength behind it. Its a testament to a certain willful resiliency….”

Adding to reviews that shine a positive light, on June 11 Poparazzi writes the following about Lana Del Rey’s Bristow concert.

“Lana Del Rey was a breath of fresh air at her concert… There were no intricate dance numbers, no costume changes or elaborate set designs – just Lana Del Rey and her resplendent voice. That’s all she needs to put on an amazing show, and she does it all too effortlessly.”

Closing out her Endless Summer tour in West Palm Beach, Florida, on June 16, South Florida had the following to say about how Lana Del Rey’s tour changed her image.

“Remember when we hated Lana Del Rey? Three and a half years ago, when the world was a peaceable, uncomplicated place… along came Lana Del Rey, an unknown (to us) singer-songwriter who’d committed the freshly unpardonable sin of commanding our attention before we could decide if she was worthy of it.”

Regardless of the opening, clearly the reviewer of Lana Del Rey’s West Palm Beach show was converted to her talent by the end of the night.

Concluding the review of the end of her tour (and her newly redeemed reputation), South Florida states the following.

“On Tuesday night at the Coral Sky Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, the only question worth asking was how we allowed ourselves to doubt Lana Del Rey in the first place.”

Now that Lana Del Rey has finished her Endless Summer tour and impressed the media, her next gift for fans will be to release her new album.

Planned to be released in September, the teasers published by Lana Del Rey on social media about Honeymoon have fans impatiently waiting.


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