FSU Quarterback De'Andre Johnson Punches Woman In Bar [Graphic Video]

Paula Mooney

There is a newly released graphic video titled "Video shows punch thrown by FSU QB De'Andre Johnson" going viral on YouTube. In the video, Johnson can be seen apparently muscling his way over to the crowded bar. One woman appears to move out of De'Andre's way, and he takes her spot at the bar. A woman to his right can be seen leaning into Johnson's face and immediately she makes a fist of her right hand and tries to throw a punch.

With no audio to the black and white security video, the viewers can't hear what's being said -- so it's left up to viewers to understand that their wild behavior suggests they are inebriated. As soon as the woman throws a punch, instead of walking away, De'Andre throws a harder punch at the woman -- and she is stunned. She grabs her mouth, and another woman begins tending to the woman who has been punched by Johnson.

According to SB Nation, the quarterback from Florida State University was suspended over the melee, with De'Andre's punch now being seen via video. The surveillance video incident with Johnson and the woman happened one month ago in Tallahassee, Florida. The punch has brought Johnson face-to-face with a misdemeanor battery charge.

As expected, the backlash and feedback over the video of De'Andre's punch is drawing all sorts of comments on YouTube.

"So, women can be pushy, yelling AND swinging at a man but the man is a dirtbag for defending himself... f*** feminism. You don't get to be equal AND special. Sure as f*** don't get to be a violent b**** and not get your a** kicked."

Others found the attempts to justify De'Andre's actions in light of both punches reprehensible.

"As a man I'm so sorry. This is one of the most sickening YouTube threads I've ever seen. What the f*** is wrong with these people? The attempted justification of this sickens me."

As reported by Tomahawk Nation, the woman Johnson punched was left with various facial injuries. In the wake of the melee, Johnson turned himself in and was released. De'Andre hails from Jacksonville, Florida, and enrolled early for the Seminoles.

Along with De'Andre's newly released "punch" video going viral, another graphic video gaining views includes an incident from Saturday evening with a bloodied man at Cincinnati's Fountain Square that was deleted from Facebook, reports the Inquisitr.

[Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images]