July 6, 2015
Watch The Duggar Family's Emotional Farewell To Jill Dillard As She Leaves For Mission Work Overseas [Video]

The Duggar family bid a final farewell to Jill Dillard, husband Derick, and baby Israel before the trio headed to the airport to begin their long-term mission work overseas. The emotional moments were captured on camera and uploaded to the Duggar Family's official YouTube account.

The video begins with Jim Bob Duggar explaining that Jill and Derick Dillard were finally beginning their long-term mission work. The Duggar patriarch then proceeded to pray over the Dillard family and informed them that though they would be overseas, they could expect visits from the Duggar clan in the future. After the prayer, Jill made her way around the room to say goodbye to all of her Duggar siblings.

One particular family member seemed to be taking the move the hardest. Joy Anna was in tears once as Jill approached her for an embrace. Jill then comforted her sister as she cried on her shoulder. Jill eventually makes her way to Jim Bob who says he knows she "is a missionary" and that she married a "missionary" so he could have "no greater joy" than watch his children "walk in truth."After her father's words, Jill Dillard begins to cry and is handed a tissue.

In the video, Derick Dillard also discusses how his father's early death was what really put into his heart missionary work. The Duggar family has still not released details on exactly where Jill, Derick, and baby Israel Dillard are headed out of "security concerns." However, many have speculated that the family will either be headed to Nepal where Derick has previously spent extensive time or to El Salvador where the Duggars have close missionary ties.

The Inquisitr previously reported on a photo uploaded by Jessa Seewald that congratulated Jill on finally heading out for her missionary work.

What do you think? Where do you think Derick and Jill Dillard are headed with baby Israel for long-term missionary work?

[Image Credit: Youtube]