Seattle Mariners Rumors: Robinson Cano Dealing With Illness, Lack Of Energy Explains Struggles With Mariners

Seattle Mariners rumors reveal Robinson Cano is struggling with an illness. Cano has struggled with the Mariners in the 2015 MLB season, raising a lot of questions about the $240 million salary he got in free agency. A report from USA Today late Sunday (July 5) might shine additional light on the situation, though. In the article, it is revealed that Cano has been suffering through a stomach ailment that “has sapped his energy” this season. He is also still dealing with the loss of his paternal grandfather, a man he described as “like a second father to me.”

While some MLB fans might be quick to point to Cano’s words as excuses for a rough season, he states that is the exact reason why he hasn’t brought it up before. He is well aware of the pressure and expectations that come with getting paid $24 million a season to play baseball, and he made some comments to that effect.

“When things go well, people like everything you do. When things don’t go well, people look for 1,001 explanations, and they don’t understand you’re a human being.’

Sometimes I play without any strength or energy, but you have to play, give the best of yourself. Some people may say, ‘Cano, he’s listless.’ But (the energy) is not the same.’

Sometimes you drink water and it makes you feel like vomiting. I can’t eat the same way I did. It’s hard to deal with, especially being the first time this has happened to me. Sometimes I eat only once a day before playing, because I feel full. And you just don’t have the same energy.”

These Seattle Mariners rumors do explain a bit about Robinson Cano during the 2015 MLB season, especially the fact that is having a career-worst season at the plate. Dealing with acid reflux is no laughing matter, and it seems that Cano is suffering through something similar to what he went through in the 2010 MLB season. He was hospitalized for the ailment at that time, missing a game for the New York Yankees at the time. Cano has made diet changes and taken medications, but it still appears he is dealing with stomach issues.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Mariners are trying to stay competitive in the American League West, making quite a few moves this season to stay in the playoff race. The team has simply not been able to put together sustained winning in the 2015 MLB season, and part of the blame can be placed on the struggles of Cano. He was hitting right around.230 before a recent hot streak (8-for-20 in July) helped him raise that batting average to.248 overall. He is hitting more line drives, so it’s possible he could continue breaking out of that slump. The Mariners really need him to in order to move up the wild card standings.

As far as the Robinson Cano illness goes, it at least gives a reason for the early season struggles he has had. While some fans will still call it an excuse for his low batting average, it would be tough for anyone to perform on a nightly basis with stomach issues like that. Just ask Franklin Gutierrez, who had to take time away from baseball to deal with it. It’s possible that these Seattle Mariners rumors help Cano get some empathy from fans that turned against him, but it’s possible the team might need to just put him on the disabled list until he is back to 100 percent.

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