Heather Dubrow On Husband Terry: ‘He’s Such A Narcissist’

Heather Dubrow and her husband Terry have been on The Real Housewives of Orange County for a few years now.

They have four children, but they still have time for one another. Over the years, fans have learned about their dynamic; Terry is the jokester and Heather is the first one to roll her eyes when he makes a joke. And they will both admit to this.

Last night, Heather Dubrow decided to film with her husband on Periscope and the two got plenty of responses from fans. And of course, their playful relationship was present more than ever, as Dubrow decided to call out her husband on Twitter. Of course, this was all meant in a loving manner, but it is fun to see how they are away from the Real Housewives of Orange County cameras and producers.

According to a new tweet, Heather Dubrow revealed that her husband was watching their own Periscope session and she decided to call him out on Twitter. But because of Terry’s role on Botched, many people feel that he is indeed entitled to enjoy watching himself on the app.

“OMG, he’s such a narcissist, he’s re watching our periscope,” Heather Dubrow revealed about her husband, calling him out for watching their time together on the new Twitter app.

But it was all said with love. One can imagine the statement didn’t even phase him. And it sounds like Heather’s fans knew exactly what she meant by it. In fact, Terry and Heather have been compared to Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd, simply because of their fun interactions and their devotion to their fans.

“At least you can always count on him for a good laugh!!” one person said, while another added, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Lol.”

According to the Inquisitr, Heather Dubrow has said that she doesn’t want to be a cliche, so maybe she is doing everything to stand out in a different way. But in the Twitter conversations, there was one person who hit the nail on the head.

“I can just imagine how many times Heather Dubrow rolls her eyes watching Terry and his one liners on #Botched… “I didn’t inhale”,” the person wrote, which had Heather Dubrow reply, “LOL, so true!”

These two have plenty of things to celebrate. Heather Dubrow recently announced that they had created their own brand of champagne, and she is rumored to be writing a book. In addition, Terry has been asked to film a third season of Botched, which is something he seems to be enjoying. He films the show with Paul Nassif, the ex-husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof.

What do you think of Heather Dubrow calling her husband a narcissist?

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