Christie Brinkley Battles While Billy Joel Marries Again

Amy Feinstein

Christie Brinkley is publicly battling her brother while tweeting barbs towards ex-husband Billy Joel's new wife (his fourth). Since the death of their parents, Christie and brother Gregory Donal Brinkley have been at odds over memorial services and the handling of the estate.

As reported earlier in the Inquisitr, even Christie Brinkley's daughter, Sailor, has joined in, tweeting venom towards her uncle.

"Just know not to trust a man who tries to ruin and create conflict on his 17 year old niece's birthday … I don't trust him nor do i trust what he does or what he believes in. I in no way want to be connected to him or his lifestyle," Sailor wrote on Twitter.

"It is heart wrenching to watch Christie Brinkley [descend] into this CHARACTER ASSASSINATION," Gregory Donald wrote on his Facebook page, adding that he thought he and his sister "had developed a relationship that was strong and true."

"I had even left my work to spend extra time with mom and dad and also to take care of Christie's children while she danced and sang on the stage of Chicago the Musical."

Alexa Ray Joel, Christie Brinkley's daughter with piano man Billy Joel, is just four years younger than her new stepmother, which is perhaps why Christie used the word "friend" in her tweet. Also, the mention of "growing family" insinuates that the fourth bride of Billy Joel is, indeed, pregnant.

Do you think Christie Brinkley was wishing the happy couple well, or throwing shade?

[Photos courtesy of Daily Mail and Huffington Post]