A 3D-Printed Elvis Presley Clone Is In The Works

With his death occurring 38-years ago, many of Elvis Presley’s current fans were not alive when the “The King” was selling-out arenas nationwide. However, due to the developments of modern technology, Elvis fans will soon be able to see him in a way that many thought unimaginable.

According to a report from The Elvis Information Network, Authentic Brands Group (which owns the rights to the Elvis brand) are combining forces with 3D creative group Staramba to reproduce Elvis Presley in revolutionary way. Though Elvis Presley Enterprises is currently experimenting with the idea of having a holographic Elvis Presley appear on stage again sometime in the future (something similar was once done in a duet with Celine Dion on American Idol), what Staramba has planned is going to be quite different and more personal.

Staramba is a new company that uses photogrammetric 3D scanning to print 3D merchandising. The company plans to bring Elvis back to life through a 3D printed clone. The company is also partnering with Authentic Brands Group to produce 3D printed clones of other legends, such as Marilyn Monroe and Muhammad Ali.

Though there has not been any confirmation that a life-sized Elvis clone will be reproduced, Staramba does speak about the possibility of figurines.

“You always wanted to hold ELVIS in your arms?!? As close as no normal fan ever gets?! We say: Let’s do it! Staramba allows you to get closer to your star than you’ve ever expected! We are producing the world’s first photorealistic 3D printed figurines of you and your star – 100% uniquely configurated by you!”

The Elvis project looks to be part of Staramba’s “Me & My Star In 3D” project. According to the official literature released by Staramba, this is how the process will work.

  1. Fans go to Staramba.com to find locations to get scanned for “Me & My Star in 3D.”
  2. Fans find your store on the CPN Referral Map (free listing).
  3. Fans come into your local store to get a full-body 3D scan.
  4. CPN member gets a new customer and referral fee.
  5. CPN member uploads the scan data to Staramba’s server and that’s it.
  6. Staramba does the rest (clean-up of model and 3D printing).
  7. This program is only open to 3D portrait providers who have a physical location.
  8. CPN members will also be able to offer the full catalog of “Me & My Star in 3D” celebrities to their customers.

The rest of 2015 figures to be a busy time for the Elvis Presley brand and his fans. Graceland has their biggest Auction At Graceland yet scheduled for August, Elvis’ legendary 1975 album Elvis Today will receive a special release on August 7, and the United States Postal Service will be releasing their second Elvis commemorative stamp (along with a special edition greatest hits CD) on August 12. The original Elvis stamp, released in 1993, is one of the most popular commemorative stamps ever released by the USPS. The 2015 edition is likely to be no different.

[Image via Shorpy.com]

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