Prey 2 Won’t Be Canceled, But Is Being Delayed

Speculation was abound recently that Bethesda had, or was planning to axe Prey 2 one year after the game was officially announced. Fortunately for fans of the the original game, and the studio involved in the development of the sequel, that speculation is not true.

That being said, the future of Prey 2 isn’t looking exceptionally bright. Bethesda confirmed today that Prey 2 will no longer see a release in 2012 as was originally intended, but no potential release date was given. The reason for the indefinite delay, the company explained in a statement, came down to quality.

“Development of Prey 2 has not been cancelled but the game will not be released in 2012 as planned,” the company said. “The delay is due to the fact that game development has not progressed satisfactorily this past year, and the game does not currently meet our quality standards. Prey 2 has shown great promise and we regret disappointing our fans.

“We have made a substantial investment in game development to deliver the experience fans want. We are determined only to release the AAA game that fans rightfully expect, and are unwilling to compromise our quality standards to meet a release schedule.”

It’s not the most assuring news, but at least we know that development on Prey 2 is still moving forward, even if we don’t know when it’s coming out. Hopefully we’ll hear more word on that soon.