Dr. Dre Teams Up With Apple Beats 1 To Open ‘The Pharmacy’

Dr. Dre is one of the most well-known rappers in America.

Even with the majority of his solo music having been made in the 90s, Dre is still widely listened to across generation, class and race. His third studio album, Detox, has been teased since 2001 and has become a kind of urban legend that fans dream about.

Although there’s no new news about Dr. Dre’s possibly non-existent final album, he has been working on something big.

Getting back to his radio roots, Dr. Dre has begun hosting a show on Apple’s Beats 1 radio. The Pharmacy premiered on July 4, 2015, Independence Day, and is set to play every other Saturday.

On July 3, 2015, Hip-Hop Promo posted a video to promote Dr. Dre’s new radio show. The video shows Dr. Dre and friends in the studio.

He goes into the booth, puts on his Beats headphones and says, “Yeah, this is Beats 1, and you are now inside the pharmacy. Let’s go.”

Aside from The Pharmacy, Dr. Dre has been seen working in the studio for other unknown reasons. It’s been speculated that Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg might be getting together for another collaboration after Snoop Dogg posted a photo of the two of them to Instagram with the caption, “Guess who bAcc.”

Dr. Dre sold the Beats headphones and streaming service to Apple last year for approximately $3 billion dollars. As a result of the deal, Dre’s net worth rose to nearly $800 million. That new net worth makes him one of the richest hip-hop artists in the game right now.

Apple used the Beats name for Beats 1 radio, which was part of the new streaming music service that they released in the latest iOS update. They intend to overtake programs like Spotify with their new service.

Members in the U.S. will be able to get the service for $9.99, but members in the U.K. will have to pay £9.99, which is equal to just over $20.

Many artists are working with Apple’s new service and allowing exclusive streaming access to some of their music.

Pharrell is intending to release Freedom through Apple and Dr. Dre is finally going to stream his 1992 album, The Chronic.

It was once unclear if The Chronic was ever going to be streamed. The album was at the core of a vicious legal battle between Dr. Dre and Death Row Records. Dre only received the full rights to his album in 2011.

[Images courtesy of Snoop Dogg’s Instagram and Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for BET]