Emma Roberts Reveals More Than Her Smoking Hot Body On This 'Top Secret' Set [Gallery]

Edward VKanty

There's no doubt that Emma Roberts has been keeping in shape for her latest projects, and Emma's fit physique definitely shines in the photos in the gallery further down this page, even when hindered by a billowy robe and Hunter Wellington boots. The white lace bodice hugs Roberts' form perfectly, as Emma takes a cigarette break, which begs the question: What project is Ms. Roberts taking that break from in these photos?

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Adding to the intrigue, Emma posted a photo to her Instagram account of herself draped in white lights and dressed in the same knitted sweater she is wearing on that top secret New Orleans set. The Instagram share also refers to a "top secret" photo in the caption.

"Working on a top secret project today. I can't wait to share with you guys!!!!!!!!"

It seems far likelier that Emma may have been on the set of American Horror Story: Hotel, if only because so little is known of her role in the fourth season of Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story series. It was revealed only a short time ago that Roberts would be returning to American Horror Story, after her work on Scream Queens had been completed.

"She comes at the end," Ryan Murphy said of Emma's American Horror Story: Hotel role. "She comes and she has a great thing with Evan Peters at the end."

As appealing as that prospect is to American Horror Story fans, there are also rumors that these shots come from the set of an advertisement. It should come as no surprise to Emma's fans that Ms. Roberts' roles on American Horror Story and the hype surrounding her upcoming debut on Scream Queens have earned her recognition as a rising Hollywood talent, leading to jobs that will provide even greater exposure. The rumored advertisement from which these shots come from are suspected to be in promotion of a lingerie business.

Could Emma Roberts be the next Victoria's Secret model?

Emma certainly has the beauty and form, but another clue from Ms. Roberts' own Instagram post may hold another hint to the truth of this top secret project. In Ms. Roberts' Instagram share, she prominently tags @elkincollection.

Elkin Collection is a line of clothing produced and marketed by Kara and Brit Smith, so it seems highly likely that Elkin has recruited Emma Roberts to model their lingerie line. If that is the case, we may be seeing more of this Emma Roberts and the Elkin Collection collaboration in the future.