Drake’s U.K. Net Worth: Takes Penalty Shot On Chelsea’s Didier Drogba And Scores [Watch]

Drizzy Drake is appeasing his U.K. fans and friends. Recently, he had a soccer day with Chelsea’s legendary Didier Drogba. This is how it looks when Drake scores.

It’s like Drizzy says in his feature with Fetty Wap, “All I gotta do is put my mind to this s**t.” And as he put his mind to it, he ended up scoring.

After stating that he was Didier‘s biggest fan, Drake scored. Whether the shot was genuine or allowed, that’s up to you.

Drake takes on Chelsea legend Didier Drogba in a shootout…but who’ll win? VIDEO @ http://t.co/kQYHNilJOC pic.twitter.com/tkk3ZpD1Uc

— BarDown (@BarDown) July 5, 2015

Fans of Didier Drogba also tweeted about their thoughts on Drake scoring against him.

Drake hanging out with Didier Drogba & I’m sitting at the island counter downing a jug of cranberry juice

— michaeldouglas (@drugsfrmchina) July 4, 2015

Nevertheless, while in London, Drizzy has been working on his Views from the 6 album. Also, he headlined at Wireless 2015 on its first night, July 3, 2015 — as well as its Birthday celebration.

Fans thoroughly enjoyed and participated in his performances. Drake’s music influenced the crowd to the point he had to spark a quick conversation. He told the crowd, in so many words, “You da’ best…you da’ best I ever had.” That quote is actually from one of Drizzy’s songs, “Best I Ever Had.”

How much longer do you think Drake will be in London? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

[Video and Photo Credits: YouTube]