Eva Longoria Believes George Clooney Is The Whole Package

If Eva Longoria could have things her way, she would be George Clooney.

The female version, of course.

But while many think of George Clooney as being suave, debonair, and perhaps the most classy man in show business, Eva Longoria is thinking of him in a different way.

Longoria sees Clooney as the whole package — in a professional sense, of course.

In a recent interview with InStyle magazine, Longoria said that when it comes to her career in show business, she would ideally like to emulate the career of Clooney.

“I want to be the female George Clooney. He directs, produces and stars. I want to be in charge of the final product.”

Longoria, who got her start in show business as an actress on daytime soap operas such as General Hospital, is best known for playing Gabby Solis on Desperate Housewives.

Though Longoria is best known for her performance on screen, she also has a history in directing and producing. In fact, in the August issue of InStyle, Eva Longoria says she initially became involved in show business to do something other than act.

“Everyone goes, ‘Oh, she’s an actor–turned–director,’ and I’m like, ‘No, I was always a director and a producer who happened to become an actor.”

Longoria has made it obvious that she’d like to be influential in the world of show business. During the InStyle interview, Eva also makes it obvious that she’d like to be influential somewhere else: in the Latino community. For Longoria, it’s important that the Latino community stands for something. She said,

“We’re the fastest-growing demographic in the United States, but I don’t want us to just be a large group. We have to be influential. We have to stand for something.”

To that end, Longoria has frequently been seen attempting to empower the Latino community. Earlier this month, for example, she posted the following Mexican Proverb on her Instagram account:

#Repost @belladonala with @repostapp. ・・・ 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻(rp @cancunshawty)

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Whether it’s within the Latino community or the show business community, one thing is obvious: Eva Longoria wants to make a difference. In fact, the recent comments about George Clooney do not mark the first time Longoria has talked about doing more than simply acting. In June, Longoria told People that if she weren’t in show business she’d like to be in corporate America because she simply “can’t get enough of using her brain.”

What do you think of Longoria’s recent comments? Do you think Eva Longoria has the ability to be the female George Clooney?

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