Howard Stern’s Softer Side To Be Seen On America’s Got Talent

Howie Mandel said that we’d see a softer side of Howard Stern on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, and others have chimed in saying we should expect to see a softer side of the radio shock jock as the show returns for its 7th season in May.

At NBC’s Summer Press Day in Pasadena on Wednesday, Mandel and co-host Sharon Osbourne said that they were surprised by the controversial radio host’s softer side, and expected the audience to see the same when the new season premieres. “I was fascinated with how polarizing the reactions have been [to Stern’s hire],” said Mandel.

“He is so passionate about finding a star, about the show, that I think America will see a side of Howard they haven’t seen before,” Mandel continued. “Yes, he’s edgy and honest, but he’s a very bright, smart man. Nobody gets to that height without knowing what they’re doing. He’s also compassionate, emotional, serious and has good constructive criticism. He’s a good judge.”

Stern is a longtime fan of the series, and would often talk about contestants on his radio show. He is being brought in as a judge to replace Piers Morgan.

Mandel recalled an anecdote showcasing Stern’s compassion. Stern judged a 7-year-old aspiring rapper. “The kid didn’t have talent beyond being adorable,” Mandel recalled. “Howard, being who he is, [quickly] hit his buzzer. The reaction to this was heartbreaking. [The child] heaved and collapsed in tears. Howard turned to me, like, ‘Oh my god, this is not what I signed up for.’ Howard got right up, and got right up on stage, and he held the child and consoled him, saying ‘I’m so sorry.’”

“Everyone thinks he’s going to come in really outrageous,” added Sharon Osbourne. “He comes to us with great experience, especially about music.”

“You’re seeing him do good judging, but at the same time he’s a father, human being, a son,” Mandel continued.

Host Nick Cannon also reassured reporters that he was in good health and looking forward to the new season. “My health is 100 percent,” he said. “[The show] never feels like work; I love doing this.”

Are you going to be tuning in to see Howard Stern on America’s Got Talent?