Gregg Williams Seeking Reinstatement Plan From NFL Front Office

St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has been suspended “indefinitely” for his part in orchestrating the NFL bounty program for his former team the New Orleans Saints. Now Williams’ advisers are attempting to set into motion some type of reinstatement plan.

According to an report the coaches advisers have already reached out to NFL officials to figure out what actions Williams can take during his suspension to fall back into favor with the NFL.

While New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton was suspended for a full season Williams was put on indefinitely leave because of his active role in administering the pay-for performance program. During his time with the Saints Williams offers cash rewards if his players injured star players on opposing teams.

Gregg Williams is at the center of the controversy because of video footage that surfaced before the Saints took on the San Francisco 49ers last season. On the tape Williams can be heard telling his players to injure 49ers players by targeting specific areas on the body.

Sources close to Williams have repeatedly claimed that Gregg wants to come out of this situation as a better coach who can provide a positive NFL experience to his players.

Working with Gregg Williams towards reinstatement wouldn’t be a first for the NFL, in the past they have put programs into place for players and staff based off their own infractions. The most notable case of the league working with a player in recent memory was that of Michael Vick who was allowed to play in the NFL again after serving out his federal prison sentence for his part in arranging dog fights.

It’s likely that the NFL will require Gregg Williams to give speeches, participate in outreach programs and promote player safety.

For his part Williams has fully admitted to the bounty program and offer a simple apology in which he stated “I accept full responsibility for my actions.”

Here’s a video report that talks about Gregg Williams’ actions before the 49ers game:

Do you think Gregg Williams should be reinstated if he turns his attitude towards the game around?