'Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition' Clarified, Based On 'Pocket Edition'

Scott Grill

The announcement of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition at Minecon 2015 on Saturday caused some controversy among fans of the games. So much so that one of Mojang's developers for the Pocket Edition version of the game felt it necessary to issue some clarifying statements hours.

"This version IS pocket edition. It's based on PE, it's C++, and we mean to keep it on par forever. It is NOT another version of Minecraft!" Mojang developer Tomasso Checchi wrote on Reddit.

"Also, we're aiming for feature parity! We won't have mods for now, but the important thing is that you know it."

"Also, both PE and Win10 support all controllers," he added before explaining how Xbox LIVE comes into play.

"Xbox Live is not required. It's compatible, but the 7 people limit is only there because it's PE!" Checchi explained. "It's just that there isn't a dedicated server right now."

Checchi echoed these clarifications via his Twitter account, but also added the following.

— Tommaso Checchi (@_tomcc) July 4, 2015

The Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta will be available alongside the launch of Windows 10 on July 29. The game will be free to existing owners of the PC version of Minecraft and will cost $10 for those that haven't purchased the game. It will run on PCs and devices with Windows 10 on it.

Minecraft: Wndows 10 Edition

Minecraft for the PC as well as the PlayStation and Xbox editions will still continue development. If or when Microsoft and Mojang will merge all of these different editions of the game into a single version remains to be seen.

For now, this is what s guaranteed.

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