TNA News: Reason Why TNA Desperately Wanted Dolph Ziggler Revealed

Spirits are not high in TNA. After a phenomenal Slammiversary pay-per-view, news didn’t get any better for Impact Wrestling. Multiple stars have left the company or plan on leaving once their contract expires. Former TNA Heavyweight champions Magnus, Austin Aries, and Bobby Roode have already said goodbye to TNA.

James Storm reportedly is on his way out as well. Meanwhile, Bram, Taryn Terrell, and Awesome Kong are remaining with TNA. Amidst the departures and negative vibes backstage, TNA has one thing going for them: Jeff Jarrett returned to save the day.

Rumor has it that stars leaving TNA are just “transfers” for the Global Force Wrestling invasion that is supposed to happen soon. That’s all behind Jarrett winning King of the Mountain at Slammiversary and taking the heavyweight championship with him. Jarrett also took Magnus and Roode, two of TNA’s top stars.

Even though TNA lost two of their best wrestlers, they aren’t done trying to court other wrestling superstars for their promotion. In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, TNA is trying very hard to get Rey Mysterio. Also, according to Daily Wrestling News, TNA is still on the hunt for Dolph Ziggler, and their reason for doing so is finally revealed.

“TNA Wrestling is looking to get re-established on traditional pay-per-view. They’re aware they are low on mainstream star power, which is one of the reasons they were planning to go after Dolph Ziggleraggressively.

“While Ziggler is expected to re-sign with WWE, if he hasn’t already yet as he himself has given conflicting stories, TNA still wants Rey Mysterio for the same reason and more. Ziggler staying with WWE gives Rey more leverage with TNA.”

TNA is about to offer Rey Mysterio a huge contract, which would give them more publicity than they have had in years. Dixie Carter is trying her best it appears, but perhaps that isn’t enough to compete with Lucha Underground and Ring of Honor. While both aren’t succeeding, the fanbase for both promotions is growing, while TNA remains stagnant.

Losing big stars and taping shows months in advance are a bad way to do business, but it appears that TNA can’t help but use that formula. A few days prior to Slammiversary, TNA taped the Bell to Bell special that had Ethan Carter III defeat Kurt Angle for the TNA Heavyweight championship. Even though EC3 lost at Slammiversary, everyone knew he beat Angle a couple days before that.

Landing Dolph Ziggler and Rey Mysterio would put TNA back into the game and maybe their pay-per-view numbers would climb back to mediocrity. However, if Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling don’t do something soon, TNA might wind up with the same fate as WCW.

[Image via Cageside Seats]