‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’ Star Meghan King Edmonds Accuses Shannon Beador Of Lying, But What Happened Behind The Scenes?

The drama between Meghan King Edmonds and Shannon Beador on The Real Housewives of Orange County reached new heights on the recent episode of the reality show. The feud between the reality stars started after Edmonds stated that she didn’t invite Beador to a charity event she held at her home.

When Beador found out, she was visibly upset, which caused fellow RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson to not attend either. Heather Dubrow even warned Edmonds that this could cause major drama within the group. Edmonds claimed that after their fight in Napa, she was not inviting Beador for her own good. Beador responded in her own way after the episode aired by posting a photo of herself on Instagram wearing a shirt that read, “Not That Famous.”

“What you missed in tonight’s episode in the exchange between Meghan and I. She said, ‘You think you’re famous? You’re not that famous. My husband is famous,'” Beador wrote alongside the image. “We all got a big laugh out of that. Tamra had this shirt made and gave it to me after Napa at the dinner I had with she and Vicki.”

Meanwhile, in a recent blog post, Beador claims that she was under the impression that she was invited to Edmonds’ charity event.

“On the drive to the Bello’s beautiful home, Meghan and Jim brought up the charity party they were hosting the following week,” Beador wrote. “They both asked me questions about an event that I hosted for the same charity some months prior. I answered the questions. I gave them suggestions. It was a given in the conversation that everyone on the bus would be attending the party. In addition, I had received a “Save the Date” email for the charity event.”

At the same time, Edmonds assured her followers on Twitter that Beador did not receive any sort of invite to the event.

“I checked with JDRF the other day – they did not send a Save The Date to @ShannonBeador and neither did I.”

Although Beador wrote that she felt Edmonds actions were a “pre-mediated ambush” and that she was “understandably upset about it,” she went on to state that she was ready to move on.

“While not being officially invited to Meghan’s party was absolutely hurtful and humiliating, I have more important things going on in my life that need my attention. I’m not going to focus on it or give it any life. I am moving forward.”

Despite the exchange on social media, Edmonds appears to also be ready to move forward.

“Yall pls give @ShannonBeador some love right now,” the reality star posted to Twitter. “Tonight’s ep is in the past – she’s a wonderful woman.”

Watch the drama continue to unfold on the Real Houswives of Orange County Mondays on Bravo.

[Image Courtesy: Bravo]