‘Bachelorette’ Men Knew Kaitlyn And Nick Slept Together But Didn’t Want To Talk About It On Camera [Report]

On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe is set to reveal her initimate encounter with Nick Viall to the other men. But according to a new TMZ report, some of those men already knew.

Furthermore, Bachelorette producers wanted the other men to discuss it, but they refused. They kept mum for fear any discussion would benefit Nick and harm their chances of progressing further on the show.

When Kaitlyn and Nick were intimate, there were still roughly a dozen men still vying for the Bachelorette’s affections. Ian Thomson soon left of his own accord, two men were eliminated at the next rose ceremony, and a cadre of suitors accompanied Kaitlyn to Ireland.

On the night of the indiscretion, viewers saw Kaitlyn invite Nick back to her hotel room. They retreated behind closed doors. Despite the private setting, the cameras captured unmistakable sounds coming from the bedroom.

Kaitlyn told Entertainment Tonight that it was hard to watch the episode back. Also, the soundtrack came as a surprise to her.

“I did not know that everyone could hear us. I think it was probably mics from the camera, because we didn’t have mics on. It was awkward, yeah, I was like, ‘Oh wow, everyone can hear that.'”

According to TMZ, producers loved the scandalous element of Kaitlyn and Nick’s tryst and wanted to make it a prominent story line.

The story line they did get was the elevated conflict between Viall and Shawn Booth, which is set to come to a head on Monday’s episode.

As Wetpaint reported, Booth has discussed his “off-camera” time with Bristowe, when they stayed up all night and Bristowe gave him assurances he would be her final choice. It was not confirmed that Bristowe had actually been intimate with Booth, as she had been with Viall.

Bristowe said early in the season that she did not regret sleeping with Nick Viall, although she did regret the timing. Kaitlyn has been subject to online criticism, leading one Bachelorette producer to publish a blog post in her defense addressed to “internet trolls.”

Chris Harrison told E! Online that producers thought long and hard about how to show Kaitlyn and Nick’s romantic evening on the show.

“You have to tell the truth, but…I know there’s probably families and kids watching, so how do you get your point across without getting the point completely across? [Laughs.] So I think we did, I think we walked a nice, fine line.”

The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC.

[Photos courtesy of ABC]