‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Results Come In During Fastforward ‘BB17’

Big Brother 17 spoilers reveal the Week 2 Veto winner now. The BB17 house has been moving fast, with spoilers coming in since the latest episode on Thursday night (July 3). As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Shelli Poole and Becky Burgess had already made their Week 2 nominations as the two new HOHs. Becky nominated Jason and Steve Moses for eviction, while Shelli nominated John McGuire and Da’Vonne Rogers for elimination. The Battle of the Block took place shortly after that, leaving Shelli as the sole HOH.

Now, a report comes in from fan site Big Brother Network that the Week 2 Veto competition has already taken place as well. This presents even more Big Brother 17 spoilers, as the houseguests take a big step toward surprising another contestant with a “back door” plan. John ended up winning the Veto, meaning he will then use it on himself at the Veto ceremony as soon as it is held. Shelli has been hoping that the Veto wouldn’t get used, with the plan now to vote out Da’Vonne. That’s actually a shift from before.

After the last HOH competition, Shelli and Becky met to discuss strategy for the rest of the season. By the end of it, there seemed to be a plan in place to evict Audrey Middleton without her ever knowing what would happen. Shelli got nervous though, and didn’t want to be put in a position to nominate someone new. Now that John has won the Veto, Shelli wants him not to use it, but that would be a bad game move for the dentist. It means Shelli is going to have to nominate someone else at the Veto ceremony. As advertised on the CBS site, the Big Brother 17 Veto episode won’t air until next Wednesday (July 8).

For John McGuire (the dentist) this has turned into a pretty nice week after all. Though he got nominated for the second time, he now has a Veto win under his belt. That’s a big deal moving forward, especially if he gets into any debates about playing the game. Social media had proclaimed him as a “floater” in the background up to this point, but now he is the main character at the Week 2 Veto ceremony.

Shelli Poole has a chance to make a memorable move as the Week 2 HOH as well. She will have to come up with a replacement nominee that is either on board with being a “pawn” to get Da’Vonne out of the house, or a nominee that is about to be voted out of BB17. With the holiday weekend coming up, show producers are trying to complete the footage early, so Big Brother 17 spoilers about the Veto ceremony should be out soon. Will Shelli target Audrey Middleton for eviction again?

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]