Now You Can Replace Your iPhone 5 Battery For Free

One of the top complaints with iPhone 5 is the battery life, and let’s be honest, it does suck. Even when you wake up at 8 a.m. with a 100 percent full battery on your iPhone 5, by noon, the battery is already half way gone. But have no fear iPhone 5 users, there is a way to replace those horrible batteries and get a new one that will last a lot longer.

Apple has revealed that certain iPhone 5s have worse batteries then others and are offering to replace it for free until January, 2016, but only if you are eligible. To be eligible for the new iPhone battery there are a few simple things to check. First you would of had to buy your iPhone 5 between September, 2012, and January, 2013, according to TechRadar. Your battery also has to hold less than 80 percent of its charge.

The cost of a battery replacement for an iPhone 5 can add up to $2,000, which is pretty pricey for a phone battery. Apple’s old battery replacement program for the iPhone used to be the battery had to hold less than 50 percent of its life, which is hard to replace if you always use your phone.

In order to get the free battery though, you have to have Apple Care on your device, which is usually recommended when purchasing an iPhone 5. Apple just updated their Apple Care program, which is allowing you to get the iPhone 5 battery upgrade but also extended to MacBook laptops as well, the requirement for this is having your battery dip below 50 percent.

To see if you are eligible for a new iPhone 5 battery, you must make an appointment at the Genius Bar at Apple for one of their representatives to look at your iPhone and determine if you get a new battery or not. They will make you do a few things, like clear your iPhone and turn your “find my iPhone” off, so make sure you back it up on your laptop or iCloud before going to Apple because you can lose everything.

Hopefully, when Apple releases its next iPhone we won’t have to deal with a bad battery and constantly having to turn our brightness down to preserve the last five percent of battery on our iPhone. Have you taken advantage of the iPhone 5 battery? How did it work for you? Was it worth the hassle?

[Photo by Cameron Spencer Getty Images]