iPhone Accounts For Half of All Verizon Smartphone Sales Q1 2012…Again

The ever popular iPhone, a best seller on pretty much every carrier on which is sold, has once again shown that good design and a tightly integrated operating system will win out with consumers.

In its most recent earnings call, Verizon Wireless announced that it has activated 3.2 million iPhones in the first quarter of 2012. While this is down from last quarter’s record breaking sales figures of 4.3 million activations for Apple‘s flagship (and only) smartphone, these numbers are still impressive, maintaining the iPhone’s place as the number one selling smartphone model on the market.

While smartphones by rivals Samsung, HTC and Sony have all gained ground, making Google’s Android the number one mobile operating system by virtue of the diversity of models and low price points for entry level devices, Cupertino’s iOS powered baby still leads the pack as the best selling single device available today.

Much of Apple’s success has been due to the enthusiastic reception that the iPhone 4S has received last quarter when it launched. The phone moved off store shelves quickly, with over 37 million units being sold worldwide in Q4 2011.

Q1 2012 sales figures reflect widening international availability and, especially, the phone’s adoption by China Telecom in March. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, China is still a largely untapped market for the company.

According to MacRumors:

Verizon reported sales of 6.3 million smartphones during the first quarter, meaning that the iPhone continues to represent just over half of the carrier’s smartphone business. But Verizon is continuing to shift the focus of its data highlights toward its 4G LTE network, with the carrier noting that it sold 2.9 million LTE devices during the quarter. 4G LTE users now make up 9.1% of Verizon’s wireless user base.

Apple will need to come out with a 4G iPhone to match the new iPad’s LTE or risk falling behind, no matter how far ahead it currently stands.