Apple Music Draws Some Complaints From Listeners: Good For Spotify?

Apple Music has just been launched, but it’s already generating some complaints. Yoni Heisler of BGR reveals one of Apple Music’s biggest flaws.

“The problem is this: More often than not, any time I try and add a new track to an existing playlist, there’s about a 30% chance that the song is actually going to be added. Not only have I turned off the ‘Music Available Offline’ toggle, but I’ve tried all sorts of different approaches that only leave me with the impression that it’s all just terribly random.”

Heisler does go on to praise the service by noting that as a music discovery service, Apple Music is excellent. She says Apple Music gives solid suggestions and is fun to explore. However, she believes the playlist flaw is a major disability to the service.

Twitter has been filled with complaints about Apple’s new streaming service.

On Wednesday, the Verge complained about another problem with Apple Music.

“Still, there’s one fundamental problem with Apple Music that’s crippling its potential for me and keeping it from becoming my one and only music destination — exactly the thing Apple wants it to be. It’s the way the service heavily leans on iCloud.”

The Verge says that the iCloud Music Library feature is flawed. The service tries to match the iTunes library in bringing all your music to different devices. However, iCloud has mistakenly swapped different versions of the songs — sometimes, it swaps your stereo version for the mono version. Music listeners view this as regressive rather than progressive.

Despite all the complaints, there have been a lot of compliments for Apple Music. According to Macworld, Apple Music may not be revolutionary, but it may just help launch the next “big thing.”

“With Music, Apple is muscling its way into a very established market and using its significant cash and clout to build an instant customer base. It’s a different sort of tact for the company, and one that could very well change the way it approaches Internet services, not just for streaming music but for its whole cloud platform.”

Apple has been known to take things that were thought of by others and put their own spin to it. They are the Madonna of the tech industry. People often associate the tablet with Apple, even though Microsoft came out with the first tablet computers in 2002. People also associate the smartphone with Apple, even though it has existed since 2000. It’s quite possible that in the near future, music streaming will be associated with Apple as well.

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