Hollywood Hills Neighborhood Furious Over Airbnb Guests’ ‘Lewd’ Behavior [Video]

Homeowners in a posh Hollywood Hills neighborhood are furious over a neighbor’s Airbnb guests, whose “lewd” behavior is disrupting the neighborhood. For less than $35 a night, according to the Daily News, Airbnb patrons can rent a tent in an upscale Hollywood Hills neighborhood.

Neighbors claim the visitors, who can sleep on a patch of land next to a $6 million home, regularly are “buck naked” in plain site. People are also reportedly engaging in lewd behavior, having “sex out in the open,” and “drinking.” According to the Daily Mail, one resident, Sanjeeb Kumar, explained that he and his family are now afraid to emerge from their home, lest they be treated to an ugly site.


While the original listing on Airbnb was removed, a cached web page promises a site in the hills within “walking distance to Lake Hollywood underneath Hollywood Sign,” reports the Daily Mail. Although that listing is gone, another resident, who goes by Dita, a former Playboy model who starred in Outkast’s “The Way You Move” video in 2003, got the same idea to rent out her backyard as well.

Dita, who just began living in the neighborhood in January, has rented the campsite out to visitors she refers to as “friends.”

Dita offers her listing for $1,000 each night, although she claims the high price is because she “didn’t want psychos to come up there after hearing of the campsite’s existence,” reports the Daily Mail. She claims any allegations of lewd acts in her Hollywood Hills yard are “fabricated,” according to NBC Los Angeles.

She added that her security cameras “never captured anything like that. They’re fabricating lies that people are having sex in public, that’s not true. That’s false. Unless they can produce proof that [lewd behavior] happened, that’s false, and they were not my guests. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not breaking any laws by sharing my property with my guests that I invite to visit up here and to enjoy my dream home. I put an ad out on Airbnb to rent out a tent so what was being rented was an actual tent, not the property. So there is no property rental. I rented out a tent. the people that came here were staying as my guest, as my visitor, for free. That was the misconception, that I was renting out this piece of dirt.”


But the Hollywood Hills residents are now up in arms about the lewd behavior and are looking for any zoning violations to make the Airbnb rentals stop.

“I think it’s really hard when a lot of us have children and we are driving by and the kids see strange things and ask, ‘Why is that going on there?'” one neighbor told NBC Los Angeles.

[Image credit: Getty Images/Hulton Archive]