Move Over Kardashians! Rumer Willis And Sisters Want Own Reality Show

Move over Kardashian family because a new famous family may be taking some of your TV viewers. Rumer Willis and her sisters, Scout and Tallulah, want their very own Kardashian-like reality TV series, and it could be a hit.

According to Hollywood Life, reigning Dancing with the Stars champ Rumer Willis and her younger sisters are in talks for their very own reality TV series, which would resemble the Kardashians, only likely a lot edgier.

Sources revealed to OK! Magazine that the girls are ready to let fans know them better and don’t want to live off their famous parents success — they want to prove they have what it takes on their own.

“The girls don’t want to live off their parents’ success. They want to prove they have what it takes in their own right.”

It seems that the Kardashian sisters, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe, may have paved the way and inspired the Willis girls to share their lives with fans. All three of the sisters have a big social media following, as well as very outspoken opinions about cultural issues, which would make for interesting television.

In addition to lavish lifestyle, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah also have two very famous parents as their mother is Demi Moore and their father is action star Bruce Willis. Although Demi and Bruce are no longer together, having one or both of their parents on their reality show would pull in some viewers as well.

While the Kardashians seem to corner the market in the celebrity family reality genre, other families make great reality TV shows as well. Shows such as 19 Kids and Counting, Sister Wives, The Little Couple, Kate Plus 8, and more revolve around the lives of very different kinds of families.

However, with those reality shows comes a lot of outside drama, including tabloid covers, speculation, and paparazzi intrusion. The Duggar Family is going through a serious scandal right now involving oldest son Josh, Kate Gosselin is always in the news for something or other, and the Sister Wives stars are considered controversial in nearly every move they make.

While Rumer Willis and her sisters have grown up with celebrity parents, they may find it very difficult to blow up as huge celebrities themselves. Will they be able to handle the pressure of fans, paparazzi, and all that Hollywood puts on young stars?

Would you watch a reality show starring Rumer Willis and her sisters, Scout and Tallulah?

[Photo By: David Livingston/Getty Images]