‘Hawaii Five-0’ Season 6 Premiere Spoilers: ‘A Huge Turn’ In Steve And Catherine’s Relationship

Catherine Rollins may be back in Hawaii – she returned in the Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 finale for Kono and Adam’s wedding – but does that mean she is back on the island and in Steve McGarrett’s life on a more permanent basis again?

After Michelle Borth left Hawaii Five-0 at the end of Season 4, she was briefly mentioned in Season 5 when Steve told his aunt that she told him she wasn’t coming back, but when she came to Hawaii for the wedding, it looked like those two were on their way to rekindling their romance. (You can watch their reunion again below.) He didn’t have a date for the wedding, and after the team saved the island, they kissed and they both admitted to missing each other while sitting down for the ceremony, which didn’t actually happen in the finale and isn’t going to happen on screen as it has been revealed the premiere will pick up with Kono and Adam’s reception.

As Entertainment Weekly has reported, the H50 Season 6 premiere will feature a flashback of a story that could be true. That is connected to the treasure hunt the team is on, but that is not all that has been revealed about that first episode of the new season so far. Previously, the Inquisitr reported that Catherine will be in at least a few episodes in the fall, and now EW has gotten a further tease about what’s to come for her and McGarrett’s relationship in that first episode from executive producer Peter Lenkov.

“We never just deliver plot. There’s plenty of character stuff in the first episode in season 6, including a huge turn in the McGarrett/Catherine relationship.”

That could mean anything, as before they can move forward – if they chose to, and with the likelihood of Catherine sticking around in Hawaii, that seems very probable – they have a lot to discuss, as Lenkov had told the Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s not resolved how long she’s going to stay. Clearly, it’s a happy reunion, but it’s a little awkward, also, based on how it was all left. They both have a lot to talk about, which they don’t really get to in the finale, so I’m hoping that we resolve it at the beginning of next year and decide the fate of Catherine at that time.”

Part of that conversation also should involve what Catherine will be doing for a job. In the finale, she helped the team with their case using her contacts, but if she does decide to stay, will that be all she’s doing? Could she find a job similar to the one she had with Billy?

Hawaii Five-0 season 6 premieres Friday, September 25 at 9 p.m. on CBS.

[Image via CBS]