WWE News: WWE ‘NXT Takeover’ Event Set For ‘WWE SummerSlam’ Weekend

WWE Executive Triple H teased a big announcement earlier in the week. He claimed it would come out today, and we were all waiting on pins and needles to find out. Rumors stated that we were set to see a big NXT event during WWE SummerSlam weekend. However, it looks like WWE wanted to step it up a notch.

Triple H tweeted today that WWE NXT was going to have a NXT Takeover event on Saturday, the day before WWE SummerSlam, from Brooklyn, New York. WWE did a big event in San Jose, California, during WrestleMania week with great success. The idea is that since it went so well then, they would be smart to have a WWE Network special so that fans have some big stuff to see that entire week. Plus, it only helps Network numbers to have it.

This also helps WWE out when it comes to Indy shows. Both Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro-Wrestling are in town for events that Saturday and have been set for months now. WWE is bringing SummerSlam to the East Coast for the first time in years, as usually WWE has the show from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. When ROH usually does a show at this point, they don’t have direct competition in the same state from WWE.

This time, they do. It is obviously not good for them to have WWE NXT in the same area that night, as many would want to check it out over the Indy shows in the area. Many are under the impression that WWE will stack the NXT show to make sure the Indy shows don’t have much of a chance against them on the same night. This is making some consider the idea of having shows on Friday instead, as it will allow them to not be direct competition to WWE.

It is great that we are finally getting another NXT special. The WWE NXT Takeover specials are always a great sight to see. It is said that WWE might go with Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe to headline the event. This is uncertain, but as of now, that appears to be the idea. There is also a chance that WWE has Kevin Owens get a rematch at the event. It is uncertain if WWE wants to do this, as Owens is most likely going to be on SummerSlam the night after. So if Owens does lose on Saturday and gets a rematch, it’ll probably be on the WWE NXT show and not on the live special.

[IMG Credit: Triple H-Twitter]