Scott Eastwood’s Davidoff Pics Are Insanely Hot — Must See! [Video]

Scott Eastwood, Clint Eastwood’s son, is the new face of Davidoff, and he’s so hot his pics are hard to take. During a photo shoot for Davidoff Cool Water in Hawaii on July 2, the 29-year-old had the opportunity to show off his ripped body — and it’s something that’s hard to forget.

Wearing only blue jeans, the pics show Scott frolicking in the ocean (he’s a big sea buff, by the way) and showed of his chiseled muscles, bulging biceps, and washboard abs, like the god Neptune himself, reports Us Weekly. And he says taking the pics are all in the name of saving the sea.

Eastwood took over as Davidoff’s front man after Paul Walker’s death in 2013 from a fatal car crash. Walker was a passenger in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT that was being driven by Roger Rodas. Rodas lost control of the car. Pics of the accident showed the car careened into trees and a utility pole in the northwest part of Los Angeles.

USA Today caught up with Scott Eastwood at a press event for the fragrance, and snapped their own pics while Eastwood dished about his friendship with Paul, and what it means to take over as the face of Davidoff.

“I’m a big ocean guy. I fish, surf, dive. I was really good buddies with Paul Walker,” he told USA Today. “He was like my big brother. He didn’t want to put his name on a product for money. He believed in this. He was a big ocean guy as well. To me, the ocean conservation is the most important thing.”


When asked about how he met Walker — the internet is loaded with pics of the two — Eastwood replied, “We were cut from the same cloth: surfing, diving, fishing. We were in the same circles.”

So what would Walker think about Scott as the face of Davidoff?

“He’d be like, ‘Dude, get your ugly face off the bottle,'” Scott told USA Today.

“Before I even hit the water, I can feel it,” Scott reveals in the Davidoff campaign video, reports Just Jared. “This incredible rush of power running right through me. It makes the ocean. It makes the man.”

This isn’t the first time pics of a half-naked Scott have surfaced. On March 4 of this year, photographers snapped pics him as shirtless as in the Davidoff shoot, running in Los Angeles and working out as he “channeled his inner cowboy and worked out shirtless and barefoot while wearing only blue jeans held up by a large buckled belt,” reports Us Magazine.

[Photo by Andrew Goodman/Getty Images for Maui Film Festival]