Chris Harrison Says It’s ‘Refreshing’ With Kaitlyn Bristowe As The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette normally abides by a set formula, but this season things have gone topsy-turvy. The sex didn’t just happen in the fantasy suite. The final four men don’t get to introduce their families to Kaitlyn Bristowe. And if the spoilers are correct, the woman at the center of it all might go home alone.

Chris Harrison agrees it’s unlike any other season. But he thinks it made perfect sense to switch things up to suit Kaitlyn and her group of men.

“Clearly this season has been different from any other season we’ve ever had. Kaitlyn definitely has handled things in her own way, and even though it’s a little different from the usual, I have to say it’s quite refreshing. This isn’t the first time we have changed things around dramatically, but it’s clear that with a different Bachelorette, we needed a different way to go about things.”

Harrison made the comments on his blog for Yahoo. They come just a few days after Harrison spoke in Bristowe’s defence to E! Online. Kaitlyn had taken heat for what viewers long knew was coming: her choice to sleep with a contestant, Nick Viall. Harrison said the tryst was unusual in the Bachelorette universe, but Nick and Kaitlyn were two single adults making the decision.

“They were two adults who decided to literally do it.”

Harrison was also quick to say that most of the country is not on Twitter, so the social media backlash Kaitlyn has experienced might not be an accurate representation of all Bachelorette viewers. He likes the fact that the show can nonetheless stir debate about social issues.

As for the big changes to Kaitlyn’s season, Harrison said in his blog that it was a necessary adjustment. Specifically, for the first time in 11 seasons, there are no hometown dates with the final four. Indeed, as viewers learned last Monday, the final six will become the final three, Kaitlyn will have “off camera” time with those final three, and she’ll meet the families of the final two.

“We thought four hometown dates seemed a little premature, and she agreed. It’s the first time we’ve made such a drastic change, but we really think it’s going to make a difference for Kaitlyn and her guys.”

After he was eliminated on Monday, Chris “Cupcake” Strandburg had one final thought about Kaitlyn.

“She deserves a lifetime of happiness and I’m not sure she’s ready to find that yet.”

The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images Entertainment]