Anna Duggar Pregnancy Update: Jessa Duggar Reveals Her Sister-In-Law's Due Date

Jessa Duggar recently shared an update on Anna Duggar's pregnancy, and the 19 Kids and Counting star tried to keep her post about her sister-in-law as positive as possible. However, Anna and Josh Duggar's baby joy will likely be diminished by the latest bit of bad news concerning Josh.

On Thursday, Jessa Duggar used her Facebook page to briefly interact with fans who peppered her with questions about her own pregnancy, and she also answered one fan's query about Anna Duggar's due date. Unlike Jessa, Anna hasn't been sharing her baby bump progress on social media. After her husband, Josh Duggar, admitted that he molested four of his younger sisters, Anna suddenly started cutting back on her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook updates.

Luckily for 19 Kids and Counting fans who are curious about Anna's pregnancy, Jessa Duggar revealed that Anna will likely give birth sometime next week.

"Her due date is July 10th, so getting close!!" Jessa wrote. "She has gone a little early with all 3 so far, so we'll see if baby #4 will do the same!"

According to PEOPLE, Josh and Anna Duggar are expecting a baby girl. Jessa didn't say whether Josh and Anna have picked out a name for their daughter, but it will likely start with an "M." The newest Duggar addition will help her sister, 5-year-old Mackynzie, feel a little less outnumbered by evening things out gender-wise. Mackynzie currently has two younger brothers, 4-year-old Michael and 2-year-old Marcus.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Anna Duggar has endured a huge amount of stress throughout her fourth pregnancy. Last month, her husband became one of the most hated men in America when he confessed to sexually molesting his younger sisters. Josh Duggar was forced to resign from his job with the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C., and he decided to move back to Arkansas with his wife and kids.

The big move meant that Anna had to completely change her birth plan. She told PEOPLE that she was already prepared to give birth at her former home in D.C.

"We definitely prefer a home birth, and we found a midwifery group who can deliver in the area," Anna said. "They also have a birthing center and we could go there. Josh and I would definitely like to take it one step at a time. We want to make sure the baby is developing normally, we want to make sure it is a safe situation, and we are really glad the birth center we have chosen has a great network of doctors. It has put our hearts at ease as parents."

Michelle Duggar and her daughters are pregnancy pros by now, so they've probably helped Anna quickly alter her birth plan. Unfortunately, having a baby isn't Anna's only major worry -- she and her unemployed husband are in danger of losing the money that they made from starring on 19 Kids and Counting, and now Josh is being sued by his only non-sibling sexual molestation victim.

Anna Duggar hasn't said anything about the many trials that she's being forced to face as Josh's wife, but her husband told PEOPLE that all that really matters to him are his kids.

"You can have a career, and be famous and have lots of money, but that will fade. Children will be there."
How do you think Anna Duggar is holding up during this incredibly trying time?

[Image credit: Duggar Family Official Facebook]