‘Big Brother 17’: Will Janelle Pierzina Host A Competition This Season?

Big Brother fans know Janelle Pierzina as one of the most dominant players the game has ever seen. Although she has never won, Pierzina played the game three times. She came in third in Seasons 6 and 7 (All-Stars) and 12th in Season 14. She had a total of 12.5 competition wins in Seasons 6 and 7, combining her totals for Head of Household and Power of Veto.

So, will we see Janelle back on Big Brother soil this season?

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Janelle was asked if she might come back to participate in the “BB Takeover.” This “twist” for Season 17 is actually a series of twists that promise to shake up the game every week. Weekly special guests have been promised by producers.

Janelle was non-committal but said she would come back for a day if asked. To hear Pierzina tell it, she would not be easy on this season’s crop of Big Brother contestants.

“My takeover would be the ultimate ‘Power of Veto’ challenge that I’d design (laughs.) The hardest POV of all time. I’d combine holding onto a key in mud, with ice and rain. It would be, ‘Janelle’s POV From H**l.'”

Although she does not necessarily plan to come back for a fourth shot at the Big Brother championship, Pierzina said she might consider it if she could choose her competitors. She identified “huge targets” such as former winners Rachel Reilly, Derrick Levasseur, Dr. Will Kirby, and Dan Gheesling. She said she would not want to play with Ian Terry since he would win “because he’s so non-threatening.”

Fans of Janelle and Dr. Will would probably relish a replay of Big Brother 7 that pit the two players against one another. Dr. Will Kirby made an appearance on Big Brother 15 to interview jury members during the finale.

But would Dr. Will return? The dermatologist recently told the Toronto Star that he objected to producers interfering with the game by adding unexpected “twists.” Kirby was reacting to Big Brother Canada 3, which offered twists at every turn.

“As a general rule, I’m very much against twists. They undermine the integrity — is there even any integrity left? — of the game. Fans complain that there are no great strategists anymore, but it is nearly impossible to focus on an intellectual, emotional form of game play when a twist can upend weeks of hard work.”

In the years since Dr. Will’s last appearance as a player, twists have regularly been added to the game.

This year, in addition to the “BB Takeover,” there’s a pair of twins playing as one person.

Big Brother 17 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights on CBS.

[Main image: Will Kirby and Janelle Pierzina at Big Brother: All-Stars finale September 12, 2006. Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment]