‘Batman V Superman’ Plot: Additional Details Revealed, Including Whether Kryptonite Makes An Appearance

Batman v Superman plot details have been revealed and they include whether Batman (Ben Affleck) will use Kryptonite against Superman (Henry Cavill) in the Zack Snyder blockbuster.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Entertainment Weekly’s new issue — which hits newsstands Friday — has a whole bunch of amazing new Batman v Superman photos and new plot details. One of the biggest points of contention about the much awaited film (we’re not calling it a Man of Steel sequel at Henry’s request), has been how a mere human like Batman can possibly have any chance against Superman and his extraterrestrial powers.

Batman v Superman plot details
Images via Zack Snyder/Twitter

If you remember, Snyder did not bring the dangerous mineral Kryptonite when he introduced us to Cavill’s Superman in Man of Steel. That film was an experiment, presenting a more vulnerable superhero to 21st century audiences. We could call it an origins film. Who is Superman? Where did he come from? What are his motivations?

These were some of the questions the film tried to answer. The general consensus from insiders and fans was that Batman would use Kryptonite to face-off against Superman, as this was the only possible way he could defeat the invincible alien. This theory also led many to believe Batman was in cahoots with evil villain Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). No official word on that yet.

Among the information shared in the EW interviews — which Comic Book Movie says it’s a lot of stuff we already know — we have confirmation about this critical part of the Batman v Superman plot. Snyder reportedly thought of introducing Kryptonite at the end of Man of Steel, but that didn’t happen.

“I said, ‘What about at the end of the movie we do a scene where there’s a crate full of kryptonite delivered to Wayne Manor.’ Everyone was like…’Okaay.’ Once you say it out loud it’s a problem because you can’t unsay it.

Snyder made statements that clarify this important part of the Batman v Superman plot and how the face-off between Batman and Superman comes about.

“If you’re going toe-to-toe with the son of Jor-El, you better come correct. For his climactic rooftop brawl with Superman, Batman outfits himself with a reinforced mech-suit equipped with strength-augmenting armor and, yes, kryptonite. The design resembles the one used for the confrontation between these two in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.”

Affleck also spoke a little of what motivates a much older Batman in Batman v Superman and like the images suggest, he’s not a happy camper.

“He’s on the verge of being swallowed up by the anger and the rage that we see haunt this character in the other manifestations of it, but this guy is further down the line and has become more embittered and cynical.”

Finally, Henry Cavill –who said he doesn’t consider this to be Man of Steel sequel — spoke about how humans have turned against Superman and now see him as more of a threat than a hero.

“I like to think that Man of Steel was the perspective of the world from Clark, Kal-El, looking at the world and trying to exist within it. Batman v Superman is definitely more mankind’s perspective of Superman.”

Stay tuned for more information about the Batman v Superman plot ahead of the Entertainment Weekly issue release on Friday.

[Image via Warner Bros.]