Farrah Abraham Wants Kendra Wilkinson’s Husband, Hank Baskett, To Take Her As His Date To Upcoming ESPY Awards

Farrah Abraham wants to go on a date with Kendra Wilkinson’s husband. After revealing to fans on Twitter she was in search of an ESPY Awards date, the Teen Mom OG star named Hank Baskett as a potential partner.

Right away, fans flooded Farrah Abraham with comments, slamming her for pursuing a married man.

“Um going for married men… not a good look doll.”

“Hank is taken don’t be a home wrecker stay classy.”

“You would go for married [man]. You look desperate right now.”

Just weeks ago, after a months-long relationship with Simon Saran, whom fans met on Teen Mom OG, Abraham announced she was single. On the show, fans watched as Farrah Abraham expressed interest in having a future with Saran, and told him she wouldn’t wait too long for an engagement ring. In fact, Abraham told Saran she wouldn’t wait two years — and said that was for “ugly girls.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Farrah Abraham spoke highly of Saran before they split. During an interview with People Magazine in March of this year, she even said Saran was everything she’s ever wanted.

“I found a pretty awesome person. He’s definitely an entrepreneur, a business person and a Christian man and everything that I’ve ever wanted… I’m really happy. He is so grown-up, and he doesn’t question or act insecure about anything I do.”

Just two months ago, during a Teen Mom OG: Featured Moment, Farrah Abraham discussed Saran again, claiming he was the “right” man for her, and speaking of their possible future together.

“My resolution out of therapy was be single for a year, focus on work, focus on my daughter — and I was truly the happiest, and maybe because I was so happy, it attracted the right person to me… I met someone who I wanted to allow in my life more, and it’s starting off and progressing. And who knows where it will lead?”

Farrah Abraham has been unlucky in love for the past several years. In addition to a split from Daniel Alvarez on Teen Mom, the reality star and mommy endure two rumored-to-be-fake relationships with James Deen and DJ Brian Dawe years later.

Kendra Wilkinson has yet to comment on Farrah Abraham’s tweet to Hank Baskett.

[Photo via Twitter]