WWE News: Big Update On WWE And WWN Working Together, WWE Set To Invest Six Figures In WWN Annually?

WWE may be the top pro-wrestling promotion in the world, but that does not mean they are the only promotion. WWE realizes that at the end of the day, they need some help not only finding talent, but also keeping them away from other top promotions. This is why WWE has decided to look outside of their own staff and take advantage of the knowledge and greatness of the Indy world.

WWN is known as one of the better Indy companies out there. They are the parent company of Dragon’s Gate and Evolve, two top Indy promotions in the United States. They are brilliant at finding talent and making them great. Most importantly, they are not on a national stage at this point. They are also great at bringing in top talent from other promotions for shows.

WWE knows that the company has various abilities that can be of use to them as ECW was for WWE in the 90’s.

For those unaware, Vince McMahon invested in ECW and worked with Paul Heyman for a period of time. ECW would find and make talent great, and WWE would even send down some of their talent that needed polishing. Once WWE felt that a wrestler or team looked good, or they had a need, WWE would sign them with no competition from any other promotion. WWE managed to get Tazz and The Dudley Boyz this way.

WWE feels that WWN can be a similar success story for them. Essentially, it would be like having a second developmental territory.

Zayn NXT

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE is set to reach a deal soon with WWN. WWE is set to offer them a low six-figure amount that would be annual and allow them to sign wrestlers to good contracts that would keep them in house. Most importantly, this would also keep talent away from other national or international television promotions.

It was rumored a while back that the two sides were discussing a partnership of sorts. However, WWE simply did not have a need to work out a deal at the time. Now that they do, WWE is serious about working with WWN on something that will allow them to be essential to the WWE.

Part of the deal is that WWE would have first access to any and all talent WWN has under their banner. This would allow WWN to create a star on their end and even help their name become popular Indy wise. WWE would then sign them and their licensing and have them work at WWE NXT and eventually the main roster. WWE would essentially not have to rename anyone and would also have little to do in making them great. They would simply add the polish to an already developed worker.

Basically, if you are under the WWN banner, you are under a potential WWE deal at the same time.

WWN would be great for WWE to work with for sure. They have had a lot of top talent come through there. If they can have a good amount of money per year to basically become a secondary territory for WWE, that would be great to see. It would allow them to run more events and even sign people that would be stars somewhere else. This would also be WWE’s way of controlling the Independent scene, which they have been trying to do for years now.

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