Mariah Carey Falls, Staffer Saves Day During Singer’s Vacation With Boyfriend James Packer

Photographers caught the moments showing Mariah Carey falling as she stepped off boyfriend James Packer’s yacht in the Mediterranean on Wednesday. Luckily, one of Packer’s staff members was helping the singer down the steps and caught her, but it looked like it was a close call. Carey surely would have preferred that the moments hadn’t been caught on film though in the end, she’s just fine.

People shares the shots of Mariah Carey falling and being caught just before she went tumbling down the stairs as she was getting off of her boyfriend’s yacht. The incident happened on Wednesday as Mariah and James were preparing to head out to lunch. The singer, in true Mariah style, was wearing a pink sarong with a racy, cleavage-baring swimsuit and very high platform sandals. From the looks of things, it was those platform sandals that paved the way to the embarrassing moment.

Though things were ugly in the initial months after Mariah split from husband Nick Cannon, it seems that Carey is throwing herself into this new romance in full. Though Mariah and James were only first spotted out together a few weeks ago, there has been buzz that they’ve been seeing one another for a few months now. The two have been spotted together having quite a good time all over the Mediterranean.

Packer is said to be an Austrlian media mogul, and he used to be associated with the Church of Scientology. He’s reportedly worth around $4.7 billion. However, it seems that not all of Mariah’s fans are excited about this supposed new romance. Some are worried she’ll rush into getting too serious, too soon, and others are concerned that this may be a publicity stunt. However, for now it appears that Carey and Packer are embracing the Mediterranean and having a blast.

The slip seen around the world took place in Formentera, Spain, notes the Daily Mail. As the steward caught Carey, Packer was seemingly calmly watching from a smaller boat. Luckily, Mariah Carey’s fall didn’t slow the couple down at all, as they made it to lunch and were later seen walking hand-in-hand along the beach.

While the singer’s shoes may not have been the best choice for a day of boating and beach-walking, fans know that Mariah is all about her personal style and that trumps practicality. From the looks of things, Mariah Carey’s fall was just a minor setback and no other fashion mishaps or stumbles came about as the rest of the day played out.

[Image via New York Daily News]