‘Sons of Anarchy’: Theo Rossi Talks About His Chances At The Emmy Awards 2015

Sons of Anarchy fans will be hoping the Emmy shutout that their favorite show has faced over the years finally comes to an end in 2015.

For a show of Sons of Anarchy‘s pedigree and reach, it is oddly surprising that the Emmys has always eluded it. Or for that matter, even the Golden Globes, except for one win by Katey Sagal for her standout performance as matriarch Gemma Teller-Morrow, as Nerdcore Movement reminded us.

But now with Emmy nominations around the corner, there is genuine buzz among fans that Sons of Anarchy will finally get the respect it deserves. And one man who is being pipped for an award this year is the 40-year old actor Theo Rossi, who played wayward member Juan Carlos “Juice” Ortiz on Sons of Anarchy. In an interview with Nerdcore Movement, Rossi talked about the character he played.

“He was an innocent in an extremely chaotic world. He was such a sweet soul and he never belonged in the situations he was in. He led with his heart and not his head, and all he searched for his entire existence in that show was a family. He just wanted to be accepted. He wanted people to love him and because of that, he was extremely manipulated.”

And though Rossi’s performance in the final season of Sons of Anarchy has been hailed by fans and critics alike, the actor is not too sure if notching up Emmy Awards is the yardstick to judge the popularity of a show. In fact, Sons of Anarchy gained such a rapid following during its seven seasons that it went on to become the most watched show in FX history. Perhaps it is also the reason why Rossi is not too concerned if he finally does bag an award, as he said to Nerdcore Movement.

“What you want in a television show is you want people to watch it, and we had that in spades.”

Rossi also believes that award shows like the Emmys are built on recognizing certain shows while snubbing others completely.

“My favorite shows on television have been shows like The Wire and The Shield, shows that never really got the attention they deserved. Mainly The Wire. These are some of the greatest shows on television. Something happens along the line where – and I believe this with actors as well – I think you’re either just picked or you’re kind of not. I hate to say that like it’s this big thing, but it’s like you see the same actors all the time.”

In a video interview with The LA Times, Rossi was again asked for his opinion on why Sons of Anarchy has been passed up for an Emmy all this time.

“Maybe we are too progressive, maybe we are too abrasive, I don’t know… but at the end of the day, the fans say it all. And we have the greatest fans in the world.”

Only time will tell if the Emmy Awards’ jury takes notice of Sons of Anarchy this year around, but even if it doesn’t, Rossi has plenty of other reasons to celebrate. Last month, he became a father after his wife Meghan McDermott gave birth to a baby boy, who the couple have named Kane Alexander Rossi.

A delighted Rossi spoke to Us Weekly about the joy he and his wife felt when meeting their new son for the first time.

“No one could have prepared us for the overwhelming joy we would feel when meeting our son. What a beautiful day to welcome our little king into the world.”

We truly hope that Sons of Anarchy finally receives the attention it deserves, but Theo Rossi won’t be depending too much on it. He has other things on his mind.

[Photo: Flickr, Kevin Winter / Getty Images]