Demi Moore Moving On? Actress Ready To Ditch @MrsKutcher Twitter Name

On Tuesday night Demi Moore stepped out for the first time since entering rehab so she could support best friend Amanda de Cadenet and the launch of her new television show. Moore has been a recluse since being hospitalized for a nearly deadly drug overdose in January but now she looks ready to move on.

Not only did Demi step out on the town the New York Post points out that she was no longer “sullen and gaunt” and she appeared to have her old Demi “glow” back in her cheeks, a sign that she’s finally getting back to Demi.

In what might be Demi Moore’s biggest step to date the actress who has yet to officially file for divorce from Ashton Kutcher took to Twitter on Sunday for the first time since January 7 to announce that she’s finally ready to ditch the @MrsKutcher twitter handle and go with something more appropriate.

A few suggestions for Demi Moore’s new name includes “HotExWife” and “SheWhoLaughsLast” although I think it should be noted that both of those names still tie Demi Moore to her soon-to-be ex-husband rather than allowing her to move forward and once again become the commanding Hollywood producer and actress that she was before the divorce surfaced.

Here’s a video report featuring Demi Moore’s return to Twitter:

Here’s Moore’s embedded Twitter return:

Do you think Demi Moore jumping back into the Twitterverse is a good sign that she is preparing to move on from the Ashton Kutcher debacle.