'RHOBH' Cast Revealed: Lisa Rinna Is Filming, Who Else?

The RHOBH cast recently began filming, and according to a new report, Lisa Rinna, who initially joined the reality series last year, has returned. On July 2, a source revealed information to Radar Online.

"Lisa Rinna [is] shooting this week, along with Eileen Davidson. Even though new cast members haven't been cast yet to replace Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville, that won't delay filming."
The RHOBH cast underwent a few changes recently, starting with the alleged firing of Kim Richards. While Radar Online claimed Richards was fired from the RHOBH cast after suffering an alcohol relapse earlier this year, she insists it was her decision to leave her full-time role. Also insisting they quit their full-time role on the show is Brandi Glanville, who was reportedly demoted to a part-time role weeks ago.
"Lisa is just happy Kim is gone, and is excited to do another season. There was so much buzz about her and it's had a very positive impact on her career."
As the Inquisitr previously reported, Rinna's role on the RHOBH cast was believed to be in jeopardy after the soap star shared a cryptic message with fans on Twitter. In her message, Rinna spoke of a door closing.Luckily, days later, during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Rinna said the tweet was not a hint that she was leaving the RHOBH cast. Instead, she claimed, her tweet was possibly meant for someone else, who was potentially leaving the RHOBH cast, although she did not say who.
"There's no message to it. I'm not giving away anything. I think that there's been some changes and things that have gone on that I wanted to put out in the universe that life goes on and it's OK. It doesn't always feel good maybe when you don't get asked back to a show or you decide you're going to go in another direction on a show. I think maybe I was putting that out for whoever might need that at this moment."
Days before Rinna's tweet was shared, Glanville confirmed on Twitter that she had not been asked to return to her full-time role on the RHOBH cast. She was, however, asked to return in a limited role, which she will reportedly do.

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