Yasiel Puig Trade Rumors: Have LA Dodgers Had Enough Of Puig?

Yasiel Puig trade rumors might indicate his time with the LA Dodgers is almost over. The Dodgers have been frustrated with Puig for a while now, but the disdain that some teammates seem to have for him may have reached a tipping point. The most recent trade rumors can be traced back to a report from Yahoo! Sports late Tuesday (June 30) where one teammate even called a possible trade of Puig to be “addition by subtraction.”

Among the Dodgers teammates that have been brought up in the Puig drama are former Cy Young winning pitcher Zack Greinke and infielder Justin Turner. Yahoo! reported that Puig had been in an argument with Greinke and Turner over a person from his entourage that Puig wanted to join the traveling crew. This is a group that typically includes wives and girlfriends of the other players, and Puig argued about who should be allowed on that plane.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, despite only being in the league slightly more than two years, Puig has already been arrested twice for speeding. His work ethic on and off the field has been questioned, he has had a lot of problems with showing up on time and has been benched by manager Don Mattingly on several occasions. Quite a few Yasiel Puig rumors have come up that weren’t at all flattering to him, but he still continues to put up good numbers. Those numbers are why some people are willing to look the other direction when it comes to his behavior.

In 33 games this season, Puig has a batting average of.295 (36-for-122), 13 extra base hits, and an on-base percentage of.386. For his career, Puig has a.304 batting average in 285 Major League games. This is why Yasiel Puig trade rumors are so intriguing, because there are likely numerous teams that would want to take on his issues due to what he can do at the plate. The ultimate question becomes just how much can the LA Dodgers’ front office endure before they are forced into dealing the All-Star outfielder?

A story from the New York Post on Wednesday (July 1) states that there is a deep resentment from other players on the team that simply isn’t going away. Will the situation reach a point when Don Mattingly can no longer deal with his antics? Could a World Series title get everyone to forget the negative aspects of having Puig on the team? When it gets brought up to the LA Dodgers, the patented response is that they have no interest in the Yasiel Puig trade rumors. That could certainly change if the team starts struggling though.

[Image Source: Christian Petersen/Getty Images]