Funny Slingshot Ride Fail: Tough Guy Screams & Passes Out Several Times On The Ride [Video]


While it probably isn’t particularly funny for the guy himself, the footage captured on the ride is pretty hilarious. Warning: There is a little strong language.

Initially, we see the two friends strapped into their seats and looking just a tad nervous. In the background, we can hear as a man tells them to hold their heads back during the ride to avoid getting an electric shock.

As soon as the ride starts, and before it even gets anywhere, the man on the right start screaming pitifully. From that point onward, he keeps screaming, passing out, waking up, screaming and then passing out again and again as he realizes where he is.

Initially his friend obviously finds the whole thing extremely funny, but as the slingshot ride continues and his pal keeps on passing out, he suddenly started to worry. However, the friend did say that after the ride, his friend was “completely fine” and on watching the video at the end, they were both laughing.

They might not laugh so loudly if they read about the two really young girls who freaked out on a similar slingshot ride back in April this year. The comparison could be, well, a tad embarrassing.

As reported on the Inquisitr recently, due to the fact that they film anyone that participates, it might be an idea to rate the slingshot rides with an R-rating for, well, other things that happen to participants on the ride, as in “Oh my God!” that lady really enjoyed the ride.

Well, OK, our two heroes in the video at the top of this article would have enjoyed that particular slingshot ride video. But imagine the embarrassment of a tough guy screaming like a girl and passing out, compared to the pleasure those ladies had on a similar ride.