Italian Wing Suit Pilot Uli Emanuele Makes Craziest BASE Jump Ever — Dives Through Two-Meter Mountain Hole [Video]

A new GoPro video shows Uli Emanuele, 29, a daredevil wingsuit diver, risking life and limb by making what is possibly the most dangerous BASE jump ever. He dives through a tiny two-meter crevasse in a mountain. A split second miscalculation could have sent him smashing fatally into the rocky mountainside.

Emanuele is a professional BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot who won the 2010 Extreme Base Jump World Championship in Spain. He performed his latest stunt in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland — among the most popular sites in the world for BASE jumping — in September, 2014, after he had trained hard for about three years. But the video, shot using a GoPro Hero4 camera attached the diver’s helmet, was posted to GoPro’s YouTube channel for the first time on July 1, 2015, and it has been viewed more than 300, 000 times.

GoPro describes the stunt as “possibly the most technical and difficult base jump ever.”

The incredible footage shows Emanuele soaring through the sky and passing with ease through a two-meter opening in the mountainside.

The video begins with the wingsuit diver on a long and tedious hike up a rugged mountain in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Before he makes the jump, he turns and speaks to the camera.

“I think that is the largest section of the hole so it will probably be 2 meters and 60-70 centimeters. I’m not sure. After yesterday’s problem, I will try again from the other side of the mouth.”

He puts on a blue wingsuit, fixes his GoPro camera to his helmet, and checks his kit before taking the plunge. As he jumps off the mountainside, the camera records the valley landscape below with lush green vegetation and the incredibly tiny hole he is aiming to dive through.

Daredevil BASE Jump Through Two-Meter Hole In Mountainside

Watch as Emanuel maneuvers and positions to dive through the tiny opening in the mountain. A minor misjudgment, a split second miscalculation, could have sent him crashing fatally into the rocky face of the mountain. But he dives through the hole with ease and finally lands, celebrating the moment of victory.

Most Dangerous BASE Jump Ever?

He told Geeky Gadgets that he found the hole three years ago and trained for three years before attempting the dangerous stunt.

“I found this hole three years ago. At that moment it was impossible to fly through. After three years of hard training I was ready for it. I opened two different exits. I flew through the hole four times. That is the smallest hole ever flown through by anyone.”

Astonished viewers on Facebook and YouTube have described the stunt as the “craziest” base jump ever.

“Only few words in my mind: huge respect for your job have you done to do this awesome flight!!! You are the best!!!”

“The most hardcore BASE jump ever! Period.”

[Images: YouTube / GoPro]