‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12: Who Will Be The New Chief And More

The end of the last season of Grey’s Anatomy left many questions. One of the biggest ones is who will become the next Chief of Surgery. While Richard Webber wanted to see Miranda Bailey in the position, Catherine Avery has other ideas. She wants to pick someone and put the two doctors head-to-head.

Many suggest that Catherine will put April forward as an option. There are various reasons to do this, including the fact that it could save her son’s marriage. Last season in Grey’s Anatomy, April got a taste for the army and now wants to enlist again as a doctor. While Jackson gave her his blessing, he made it clear that he would not wait for her. Catherine may want to find a way to keep her daughter-in-law here.

Bailey does seem like the most qualified for the job, and she did make a great Chief Resident after Callie stepped down. Sarah Drew also hinted to Entertainment Weekly that April will not likely want to be Chief of Surgery. It involves too much paperwork and politics, and April just wants to save lives. She is an excellent trauma surgeon.

“I don’t think she would have any interest in being chief. There’s so much paperwork. You get buried in the politics of the hospital. All she wants to do is get her hands dirty. She wants to be in traumatic situations, fixing and healing people. She has found herself to be a healer in a pretty dramatic way that goes beyond being a surgeon. There’s something that spiritual for her.”

International Business Times believes that Arizona, played by Jessica Capshaw, could be Catherine’s option. While she has proven herself to be a very capable doctor, Capshaw has also renewed her contract with Grey’s Anatomy for another three years. It would certainly need a big storyline to give Arizona a reason to stay since her marriage to Callie seems to be completely over.

“It’s not fair to the other candidate … losing by that wide a margin because I am primed for this job. It’s already mine.”

There are also questions surrounding Meredith Grey. While Ellen Pompeo still has another year on her contract, it is possible that Shonda Rhimes will choose to write her character out. After all, Patrick Dempsey still had another year when he was killed off last season. Pompeo has not said whether she will renew her contract after season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy, so it is possible the character will finally leave Seattle.

At the moment, Alex and Jo are on extremely good terms, but there are worries that this is a calm before a storm. The two have spoken about buying a house together, which is a big step for Jo, who already made it clear that getting engaged was a no-no when Alex popped the question without actually saying the words.

Season 12 will return on September 24, and the biggest question on fans’ lips is who will be the next Chief of Surgery? There are a few contenders on Grey’s Anatomy, but likely many fans want to see Bailey at the helm.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]