Stephen Colbert Asks Eminem About ‘Booty Rhymes’ On Michigan Cable Access Show [Video]

Stephen Colbert is returning to TV in September, and the former host of The Colbert Report devised a weirdly wonderful warm-up for his new gig hosting The Late Show.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Stephen Colbert recently guest-hosted the Monroe, Michigan cable access show, Only In Monroe. Usually, the show is pretty riveting — a recent episode featured a hilarious opening monologue about how host Michelle Bowman painted her fingernails at red lights during her recent road trip, an interview with the daughter of host Kaye Lani Rae Rafko Wilson, a debate about which camera to look at, and a discussion about both hosts’ family plans for the week.

The Only In Monroe episode that Stephen Colbert guest-hosted wasn’t quite as entertaining — the only interesting person he could find to interview was Marshall Mathers, a rapper who goes by the stage name Eminem. But before talking to the “Lose Yourself” singer, Stephen managed to crack a joke about motorboating breasts, he did a throwback interview jog, and he pulled a Kathie Lee and Hoda by trying to get his guests drunk on breakfast wine.

During his guest-hosting gig, Colbert found the perfect Jimmy Fallon-esque challenge for his Late Show guests — he can ask them to see how many fingernails they can paint in 42 seconds. And instead of taking a page from Jay Leno by sharing funny newspaper clippings with his audience, maybe he should dedicate a segment to ridiculous Yelp reviews.

Stephen Colbert’s interview with Eminem begins around the 22-minute mark in the video below. He and Marshall Mathers chat about traffic, Bob Seger, “feating,” and “booty rhymes.” They also drop a few F-bombs before introducing a hilarious clip from Southpaw, the boxing movie starring Jake Gyleenhaal (Eminem produced it, and his music is “feated” in the movie).

Stephen’s Only in Monroe takeover definitely has a Colbert Report feel to it, but the lack of audience applause is a but unnerving.

According to Rolling Stone, Stephen Colbert first reminded the internet that he still exists last month. He decided to let his facial hair grow after leaving his Comedy Central show seven months ago, and the removal of his “Colbeard” was his first big preparation for taking over The Late Show hosting duties from David Letterman. His cable access interview with Eminem was great publicity for his new gig, and it also gave him a chance to get his hosting groove back after being off TV for half a year.

Stephen Colbert is still playing a character in the Only In Monroe video, but he’s going to drop the act on The Late Show — according to the New York Times, he has already stated that he won’t be in character. However, as the Inquisitr previously reported, Colbert hinted that he’s not going to shy away from political humor simply because his new show doesn’t solely focus on politics. He’s even invited Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia to appear on The Late Show so that they can have a little chat about his Scalia’s marriage dissent.

Are you looking forward to Stephen Colbert’s Late Show even more after watching his Only In Monroe interview with Eminem?